How to use your phone as a webcam

In this article we will look quite unusual way to use your mobile phone.If you do, there are times when you need to organize a video link, and the webcam is not at hand or you just want to find the use of your broken phone (for example, with a broken screen), then we will tell you how to do it.

phone as a webcam

almost any modern mobile phone can be turned into a web camera (provided it is available), the main thing - the right to install the necessary software on it.The result is a great device, with which you can communicate with your loved ones via video.In the same way you will be able to broadcast the video image to the network.

all running software applications used for this purpose, is reduced to sync your phone with your computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth connection.In this way your PC will use the camera built into a mobile phone as an ordinary Web camera.

the picture quality will be affected, as the program is installed, and the resolution of the camera.To transfer images from the ca

mera to the PC using mobile tools like Cool Camera (WebCamera Plus) or Mobiola WEB Camera.The cost of these programs is about the same and amounts to about $ 20.They work on platforms Symbian (platform for phones Nokia) and Windows Mobile.

By using these programs smartphone camera image is transmitted to a computer via Bluetooth or cable and in the future can use the messengers.You can also use a microphone to your mobile phone for communication, for example, in to Skype.

How to use your phone as a webcam


  • install and run one of the above programs on a PC;
  • perform activation on the smartphone;
  • connect your computer to your phone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cable;
  • run Skype settings and choose a web camera.

phone as a webcam via usb

One way to connect your phone to a computer is to connect via usb-cable.However, not all programs to ensure synchronization with the PC phone support this type of connection.This is due to the existence of more modern wireless connection methods.Among the programs that support usb-connection should include the following: USB Webcam for Android, Mobiola Web Camera and Webcamera Plus.Find and download these programs can be pleymarkete.

How to use your phone as a webcam

Android phone as a webcam

Mobile on Android operating system can also be an excellent alternative to a webcam.After the operating system syncs with a PC, and many of today's camera phones did not concede webcams on the main characteristics of video playback.To implement this task, there is an affordable and simple software.First you need to install the software on your computer and phone.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • download and install a special program Play Market IP webcam on your cell phone;
  • open the program on the phone, and set the quality and resolution settings, enter your login and password;

    How to use your phone as a webcam

  • then click "Start Broadcasting", your phone is ready to use as a web camera;
  • note the IP address listed at the bottom of the phone screen, it is useful to you in the future;
  • program IPCamAdapter download and install on your computer;

    How to use your phone as a webcam

  • IPCamAdapter open the settings window and enter in the appropriate fields IP address (which was mentioned earlier), username and password are identical to those that you specified on the phone;
  • click «autodetect», then "Apply";
  • now you can communicate in video chats using your webcam.

Iphone as a webcam

Program to convert the iPhone and iPad in the video devices provide a wide range of settings compared to standard webcams.In addition, you will be able to achieve a sufficiently high image quality.At your disposal can be both front and rear camera.You can be used to synchronize one of the following programs: PocketCam, WiFiCam, EpocCam 1.9.1, Broadcaster, Mobiola Webcamera or Mini WebCam 1.0.2.

principle of most of the above programs are very similar, and to get started, as a rule, follow these steps:

  • set of the computer software on the PC;
  • install the application on Iphone;

    How to use your phone as a webcam

  • connect two devices via Wi-Fi (or otherwise);
  • enter all the necessary settings;
  • connect to one of the messengers, and use the Iphone as a web camera.

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