powerful sound card With sound problems on your computer at least once faced each.Sometimes he simply disappears for no apparent reason, and then raises two questions: what happened and how to fix it?The answers are simple and are usually identical in all cases - the problem with drivers that must be reinstalled.But to do this you need to find out the name of the sound card and repelled from him already.

How do I know what sound card is a computer?

situation when the question "how do we know what is on the computer sound card?" Is usually familiar to people ignorant to equip their devices.Meanwhile, the driver installation and follow its correct operation is unthinkable without this information.There are several ways to determine the installation of his car:

  • program Everest;
  • program SISandra;
  • utility dxdiag.exe;
  • reference system.

Program Everest and SISandra similar in operating principle and provide the most complete information on the characteristics of the device.To get these programs is necessary, if you do n

ot want to ever experience any difficulties.They usually give even the name of the manufacturer, the date of the assembly devices and many other sometimes unnecessary details.

dxdiag.exe utility is the second secure way.Since it will not be difficult to understand, but we need to find a guide to using.

Each computer has its own Operating System.Man, defining it (and it is elementary - its name is displayed at startup) can easily get the information in the help system.

In order to find out what sound card on your computer is windows 7, you can also take the help of their menu.Then it is able to quickly determine whether there is any need to reinstall the drivers.


How do I know what the sound card on your computer, via the device manager?

Before accessing the Internet and download new software, you can always try to deal with the existing use Task Manager.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Start the computer and put things on the "Start" button.
  2. Select the "My Computer" and subsection "Properties".
  3. Go under "System Properties" and open the "Hardware".
  4. of Revelation four tabs to find the "Device Manager."
  5. Find in the "Sound, video and game controllers."
  6. There you'll see the name of the sound card.

dialog window

As DirectX utility will know what the sound card in the gadget?

If the victim of the loss of sound could install the utility DirectX, you can then look through the Direct diagnostic.To understand what a sound card is on a laptop, you just need to find a window in the menu titled "Sounds."There certainly has a record that is so necessary.

And finally, if there is still the question is, how do you know what is your sound card, you can make out the system unit.Peeking inside and find out her name may be written in the future, not to repeat the operation in a similar situation.

Cards can be part of the motherboard or as a standalone unit.The cost in the second case will be higher than in the first.Quality is theoretically, but in fact the difference is insignificant.How to separate audio devices has not been established as a result of the sound quality will remain approximately the same.

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