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microphone on a laptop is needed for various purposes, and most often it is used to communicate on Skype.But before you start to talk, you need to plug it in.And then there are difficulties, because not everyone knows how to install a microphone on a laptop, much less how to turn it on.

How to turn the microphone on a laptop?

Laptops often install this device is not needed, since it is already in the base version.But if the gadget does not work, you probably need adjustment.

Each nouta scheme of action may be different because there are a variety of models of devices and various computer models whose appearance is different.For example, if you need more information on how to turn the microphone on the laptop asus, you can look in the instructions from the manufacturer.But before we engaged in search of personal information, you can use a universal way.

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How do I turn the microphone on a laptop with windows 7?

  1. Search photos speaker.
  2. Select "Recording devices".
  3. the left mouse button to select
    the desired microphone.
  4. click image to light up the inscription "Enable."
  5. icon should appear on the check mark.

Setting the microphone on a laptop windows 8 is slightly different, since the system has a completely different menu.

How to configure the microphone to a laptop with windows 7?

If you want to find out how to set up the microphone in a laptop, you should use these recommendations:

  1. open the control panel, through the "Start" go to "Settings" or "Control Panel" - with different operating systems are different names, but the essenceIt does not change;
  2. settings, or in the panel is the "Sounds and recording devices."Through this section you can turn the microphone on the device, exposing the volume.Some mark the OS is "Mic Boost", it is easy to adjust with the mouse;
  3. should also check the availability and performance of the drivers to the sound card.If any are found, they must be downloaded or you can use the installation disc to noutu.

If there is a search specifically for the purpose of setting the microphone device, then select the section "Hardware and Sound" from which go to the "Manage audio devices".There is a tab "Record", which is necessary to move the cursor and press the left mouse button.The window will read "Microphone" by clicking on that will only activate the "Properties".

The Control Panel window

  1. In the bottom of the screen there is a tab "General".There is, in the section "Use of the device."
  2. lock on the category name in the list of proposals to select "Use".Then you need to confirm your choice and click "Apply".
  3. Open tab "Special" to put a mark next to "+20 dB Microphone."Apply changes.
  4. Open section "Levels", find the slider to move it to the right to increase volume.If the button is crossed out speaker, then click on it to lift the ban on the sound.
  5. Click OK to save all changes.

How to install a microphone on a laptop?

If there is a microphone in a laptop, can be purchased separately, and detailed instructions for use of his connection.

In all other cases, turn the microphone on a laptop, or you can turn it off via the "Control Panel".

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