How to find a phone

lost phone these days - it's not just lose the desired numbers and messages, it is even more than taking valuable things.It leaked personal and professional nature that, once in the hands of criminals, can be quite a serious danger to the owner of the phone.Open access to bank accounts, documents and data of the owner, his social networks and e-mail - it's a real piece of cake for scammers.On the methods of discovery will be discussed in this article.

How to find your phone at home

most innocent loss - this is when you know that your phone is within your home or in the places where you were before, but at least he's safe.It happens, however, that the sight of the lost device is muted or shrunken battery, and expect that it will respond - is not necessary.First of all, restore the chain of your travels and remember when the phone gets you in the eyes one last time.Inspect the home to places such as the joints of seats and backs upholstered furniture, as well as its linen compartments where the devic

e could fail.

How to find a phone

If you do not get the first time in such a situation, it is advisable to install on the phone one of the applications, which provides a signal when you hear the master's whistle or clap, and does it, even if the gadget is in silent mode.

How to find a lost phone via satellite

much more serious situation, if your valuable phone was stolen or lost you out.However, do not despair, because here there are several exits.To find the device using satellite communication, you should contact your mobile company, and it is desirable that worked there someone of your friends.Otherwise, ask whether the software in your phone "sewn» GPS transmitter, which is used for this purpose.

How to find a phone

In addition, there is an application by setting and is registered on the official website, you can know the exact location of your phone.All the time the device is working with him emanate signals GPS.The advantages of this method is that it works regardless of whether it is inserted into the SIM card or not, but it is only feasible with a connection to the network, and only on a smartphone.

Warning: Be vigilant and do not fall prey to scams that promise you to track the location of your property or in any other way!Only satellite can solve this problem.

Find phone by imei own

Theoretically, it is possible, and many people blindly believe that they can bring back your lost phone, just by typing a series of numbers in a supposedly database on the Internet.To destroy this myth, it is worth noting: this database does have, but it is available only to law enforcement agencies, who order the mobile company where all the work takes place.

How to find a phone

If the phone, for example, lose the high-ranking official, or other prominent person, then you can ensure that his phone is found.Ordinary people hope that someone will be free to search for his phone, it is not necessary.If you are offered to perform a search online by paying a certain amount, then rest assured: it is a hoax.There are only a few sites, which contains codes imei found or lost phone and everyone can find there, and his loss.But the database is very small, as the small and the likelihood that you'll find something.

How to find a phone number for

Frankly, it is even more naive method than search for imei.Again, in theory, keep track of the location of the SIM card is possible, but one of the attackers say, will continue to use your number?It is true, "Sim" - the first thing thrown out after getting the phone in the hands of kidnappers.Wrote a statement to the police, you only will calm his conscience, but, believe me, the staff have much more important duties than regular search of the lost phone.

Find your device will only be possible if the new owner of the phone will show sluggishness, and not just throw your SIM card.Another way: Megaphone "Navigator" If in time to take care of prevention, the phone searches can succeed.One such method - is a service from the company Megafon, called "Navigator".With it you can even determine where your friends are right now, and if you are a subscriber of MegaFon and MTS.

How to find a phone

Search loss occurs like a satellite, as described above.The service is not free, but for the safety and peace of mind and you can pay.Appendix MTS Locator another way satellite communication with the phone.Search subscriber number but can be done by contacting the office of the company, the main thing - to carry a document certifying and be connected to the service.The procedure does not take much time.Do not try to contact your service provider without documents that would confirm the affiliation numbers you staff you will be denied.

How to find your phone via Google

With applications Find my Lost Phone, which can be set free in the Google Play, possible to trace to find the lost phone.If you often lose sight of your phone, this service is for you.The service also includes a search function for the coordinates of GPS.About one can say little to calm the victim of robbers.Put yourself in their place: they steal, as quickly as possible to get rid of your phone and get the money.This means it is unlikely that they are interested in your correspondence and messages, on the contrary, that God forbid the phone was not found with him as soon as possible removed completely all data.Unless, of course, the phone was stolen from the other end.