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cooler is one of the most important components of your notebook or computer.It helps to cool all components of the device and displays the hot air through special holes.

Some laptops use the power of built-in fan only half or even less.The weak cooling system leads to overheating devaysa, which is very dangerous for his work as a whole.If you began to feel that the notebook is in the process of getting hot, then the problem lies in the cooler.

This factor is due to the fact that the operating system is not specifically activates all possibilities fan to save energy.Fix it possible on its own, and we will discuss how to speed up the fan on the laptop.

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Increase fan speed laptop

To set up you will need to download Speed ​​Fan.Launch the application and follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Initially analyze parameters of temperature.In the window locate the device, in terms of which significantly exceeded the normal temperature.Several times, click on the arrow "Up", which is about the name o
    f the fan built into the device.Then wait until the desired temperature is normal for the speed of the cooler.Then turn (do not cover!) Program.
  2. possible that this program does not interact with your operating system.In this case, download the application AMD OverDrive.Particularly well suited for this application with a notebook processor AMD.Wait until the main menu is loaded, and then click Fan Control (located in The Performance Control).Under the image, drag the slider to a value of 100%, and then click Apply (to accept) for the setpoint.
  3. then click Preferences, and then click Settings.In the menu that appears, tick the Apply my last settings.This feature allows the program to automatically include your specifications every time you start the unit.It remains to click OK and close the application.

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For a laptop with an Intel processor to use the app perfect Riva Tuner, to increase the fan speed.Below, we explain how to configure settings in version 2.24c.However, likely that other versions of the guide are also suitable.For proper operation requires that the laptop was installed NVIDIA graphics card and driver.

  1. Install and activate the program.
  2. Then go to "Register" and near AutoFanSpeedControl put the figure 3.
  3. Close the program using the cross or press output.Restart Riva Tuner.
  4. In the "Home" click the left mouse button on the triangle beside the names of the video card and from the menu select the "low-level system settings."
  5. again opens a window in which you should check "Enable low-level fan control".Next, choose the "Define", exhibited 100% and confirm "OK" button.After the restart and test the operation of the cooler on the new parameters, you can set the automatic mode to "Auto".

Important: At least once a year, the unit must be disassembled and cleaned inside.Also be sure to lubricate the bearing.Thus, you will significantly extend and improve the speed of the fan and the notebook as a whole.

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