How to make a screenshot

Each user of the mobile gadget is ever faced with the need to perform a screenshot of your phone screen.This is the easiest way to visualize processes on the phone.Regardless of the make and model of the device and its operating system, the option is available screenshots on each mobile device.

What is a screenshot on your phone

Screenshot (screenshot) - it is a snapshot of the screen that displays the exact contents of the display at a time.These images allow detail to illustrate the applications, any program, file, or process on your mobile phone.

screenshots used in such cases:

  1. If it became necessary to visualize the contents of the screen gadget for employee service center or technical support.For example, you can take a snapshot at the time of occurrence of system alerts the phone on the screen capture or application errors, files, and so forth.
  2. If you want to show someone a list of your applications or media files.This is much easier than typing the name in the message for each file man

    How to make a screenshot

  3. If you want to illustrate the specific program settings.

    How to make a screenshot

  4. Screenshot will make a picture card with your application and send it to a friend who was lost on the ground.This feature greatly simplifies the process of orientation and explanation.

    How to make a screenshot

  5. Also this option would be a welcome addition if you want to send someone a contact number.Sending a business card can be time consuming and manual typesetting figures in the report - is extremely inconvenient.Screenshot screen eliminates the hassle.

    How to make a screenshot

  6. Using this option will allow to capture a fragment of sms correspondence with any party.
  7. Sending Secure Data - screen capture for sharing with a friend or colleague necessary files that are protected by the system code.

How to take a screenshot on your phone

screenshot option is available on all mobile phones, but the way to capture the screen varies depending on the operating system devices.Consider the basic techniques that will quickly and easily take a screen shot.

Screenshot for Android

developers have provided this option on all models of mobile gadgets, for which do not need to download third-party applications or programs.

So, make screen phone screen is possible by means of the following combinations:

  1. for HTC Desire S - simultaneous pressing the "Home" and on.In this case, screenshots saved in a shared folder with the photos.
  2. For Samsung Galaxy - clamping keys "Home" and "Back".All captured images saved in ScreenCapture.
  3. For Sony Ericsson Xperia - the simultaneous holding buttons on and decrease the volume.
  4. For Samsung Galaxy S II - clamping keys "Home" and "Lock".
  5. for all devices running Android 3.2 screenshot activated prolonged holding down "Recent Programs".
  6. for mobile phones based on Android 4.0 screenshot is done through a combination of buttons on and decrease the volume.

screenshots for Apple iOS

Take a snapshot to any mobile gadget with the operating system iOS from Apple can be a simple combination.To do this, at the same time to clamp and hold down the «Home» in 2-3 seconds.Screenshots for Microsoft Windows Phone similarly to the above process, the owners of phones based on Windows Phone 8 can take a screenshot of the screen by holding down the "Start".All images in a folder soranyayutsya "Photos."

However, the software version of Windows Phone 8.1 are slightly different steps.To get a screen capture at the same time need to hold the volume up button + Power.What to do if you can not take a screenshot on your phone?If the above methods do not produce the desired result, you can take a screen shot with the help of third-party applications.Find and install such software on your gadget can be when Google Play.

The most popular are the following:

  • Screenshot Ultimate
  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot
  • No Root Screenshot It

Appendix "Easy Screenshot»

This program allows you to take snapshots of the screen to the phone or tablet.Options allow you to view the application made by a screen, edit it and share directly through social networks, messages, e-mail messaging services, such as Skype.

Instructions for using the application:

  1. Go to the service Google Play Market and type in the search phrase "screenshot".

    How to make a screenshot

  2. Select from the provided list №Skrinshot Easy "and is installed on the phone.

    How to make a screenshot

  3. runs it.

The main menu will be described methods for screen capture, and the key "Start Capture", using an application that takes a picture and save it in a folder ScreenCapture.Screen 7 functions of the program allow you to configure the file extension, to indicate the storage, rotate the image, switch the color and so on.