How to prolong the life of the laptop?

Just until recently, many users are accustomed to work on a laptop, thought of replacing relatively old computers that were in operation two or three years for a new, more powerful and modern laptops.Their value has been readily available, but due to a jump in the dollar prices for all the electronics and other home appliances rose more than 2 times, and confirm that the price of laptops online

Many who wanted to update their old laptop insoon began to face the fact that such a purchase now for them is impossible.Therefore, before these computer users there was a question: as long as possible to maintain operation of his old laptop, and if possible to increase its speed?A few simple tips given below will allow you to effortlessly and cost maximize the life of your laptop.

How to prolong the life of the laptop?

Cleaning the cooling system laptop

Increased temperature inside any electronic device - the most common cause of its failure, and the laptop is no exception.Therefore, you should watch closely to ensure that the cool

ing system is working properly and securely.The main reason for the output of the cooling system of the normal mode and as a result, overheating of the components inside the case - it is dust, fan failure and drying of thermal paste.

Once you feel that the body has become warmer than usual, appeared unusual noise, immediately contact the service costs.Experts recommend to clean the notebook from dust every six months, but not less than once a year.If you can open your own body, and access to the radiator, cooler, and you'll be able to do a cleaning, such as purging using a can of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.With the replacement of fan and thermal paste is somewhat more complicated, and it is better to contact the service.We recommend at least periodically measure the temperature of key components of the notebook with the help of special tools.And if she started to rise at normal load, the device is attributed to the service.

How to prolong the battery life of notebook

Laptop Battery is pretty expensive component, is also not always possible to find a brand or a compatible battery for a relatively old PC.Therefore it is necessary to adhere to simple rules that will help prolong the life and maintain capacity:

  • When possible, it is best to work from the mains power supply.
  • every 1-2 months should allow the battery to fully discharge and recharge, it is desirable when the unit is off.This will calibrate the controller, as well as a kind of training for the battery.

How to prolong the life of the laptop?

Caring for your monitor and keyboard

Basically, the laptop screen does not need any special maintenance, but to make it look neat and dirt and dust do not interfere with the work, it must be periodically cleaned.To do this it is best to use special wipes that are designed to clean contaminants from the LCD monitor.

keyboard should also be cleaned of contaminants by the same tissue and to remove dust and dirt can simply be vacuumed with a soft brush, such as clothing or purged from the can of compressed air.So do not be left next to a laptop dishes with drinks.Spilled on the laptop keyboard tea, juice or plain water may not only spoil it, but get inside the device, which can cause serious damage and even make the device non-repairable.

How to prolong the life of the laptop?

Upgrade Laptop

Of course, the laptop is suitable for software upgrade is much smaller than a desktop computer, but you can greatly improve its performance in the following ways:

  • Increase the amount of RAM.If the notebook has free slots for memory strip, you can simply purchase and install it.If no free slots, it is possible to replace the installed memory strip to compatible greater capacity.
  • Replacing conventional hard drive to a solid state.Notebook hard drive is relatively slow and are often the "bottleneck" restricting the speed of his work.Modern solid-state SSD drives allow significantly increase the overall speed of the system.In addition, this technology is sufficiently reliable, durable, though relatively expensive.In addition, the installation of such a disc, reduce power consumption and extend battery life.

In any case, if the sharp rise in price of technology has changed your plans associated with the purchase of a new laptop, do not worry.Careful handling, timely service and competent upgrade will not only extend the life of your laptop relatively old, but to make it work faster.

Furthermore, such phenomena with jumps in prices for computer equipment do not occur for the first time, so there is hope that everything will stabilize and should wait a little careful handling of the appliances that you have at the moment.