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Social networks have firmly become an integral part of our lives.With their help we are able to communicate, to learn the latest news, share and view photos, different pictures and videos.In general, the practical benefits of these projects is undeniable.On sites such as "VKontakte" provided virtually everything except for watching hosts.We do not know what guided the developers and for some reason have not added this feature to the site.But we are sure that most people would want to be happy to use the opportunity to learn their profile guests.So, let us understand if there are any clues to the methods of this curious secret.

What are my options to see reviews page in the VC?

this option in the social network "Vkontakte" and has not been created, the developers of different gaming applications offered us to use their services.

For example, there are several types of "traps" link which is located on your page, under some pretext tempting (you can write "Compromising on me" and a number to place a l

ink), and if the person has passed through it, it is automatically recorded asvisitor to your profile.But the problem is that people VC users have long understood that this is just a trick, and many people simply ignore such tricks.

have an application that supposedly capture the casual visitors to your page.In fact, these services only provide you with a list of people who are in the period of recent times "layknuli" your note or photo, or the answer to your wall.That is, if a person secretly visited your page and has not committed any likes, records, and other options, it is in this list does not gets, the application simply did not see this person.

It follows that 100% of the entire picture list Reviews in contact sorts of applications can not provide.But let's find out whether there are still any options to see the visitors in touch.

application VKontakte

Should I trust the paid services?

few years ago, the main creator of the social network Pavel Durov said that developers VK never run this function on the site, even in paid format.Most likely, the decision was taken in order to avoid large kolichestvafeykovyh pages.And today, despite the fact that P. Durov resigned as head of the "VKontakte", the management of the network is not going to change these principles.It follows that any kind of enticing advertising such as "The real way to find out who visited your page," is not nothing but a pure fraud.It is possible that the attackers paid money you give false information to you again, there was a desire to use their services.Therefore we advise you not to trust this kind of advertising and spend your precious time.

As you can see, in today's time is not yet one hundred percent of methods exist to solve the mystery guest page kontakte.Poetomu yet we can only speculate and guess who it could be.But do not be upset, maybe it's for the best.After one day you too will want to visit the page incognito particular person and to trace his life changes.It is likely that the developers of this social network will reconsider their decision and on the website will be treasured button "my guests," but as long as our fans go unnoticed.But, as the saying goes, "The less you know, sleep tight."

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