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Advertising, advertising, advertising ... Everywhere it on each site on each web page.Sometimes it seems that the answer to the question of how to disable ads in the browser does not exist, because the Internet is bogged down in the hotbed of all kinds of ads, from cigarettes and chewing gum rubber finishing.And the right to information about it calmly hung himself in the form of small banners on Internet sites.No!It is like a magician zapravsky suddenly jumps out from the bottom, top, rattles idiotic music videos and shows us the same type of game with a dozen commercials, inviting to plunge into this, no doubt, a paradise.

Salvation is, and it is close, accessible to everyone.Just pull the hand.

How to disable advertising Yandeks.brauzere

We will not write about sex methods, forcing users to dig into the pile browser settings.The more that 100% will not help, so what's the point, if there are far more effective methods of how to completely remove the ads in the browser Yandex?Best of all - insta

ll the application Adguard, which will protect you from all kinds of advertising windows.

To do this do the following:

  1. Open the browser menu;
  2. is in it "Supplement";
  3. Go to the category of "Safer Internet" and find in it the application Adguard;
  4. Move the switch is set to "ON".

In addition, the program has additional settings that allow you to change the filter, enter the sites to the black list or vice versa, to allow visits to sites without the inclusion of ad blocker features.

Annexes Yandex browser Adguard addition, you can find other interesting programs that perform similar functions.Their installation does not differ from that described above.

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How to disable advertising InternetExplorer

As usual, Microsoft employees do not see the progress in the industry of Internet browsers and stubbornly stick to their line.As a result - the most insecure browser - of course IE.Well, who would doubt it?So it was a few years ago, so it is now.

applications such adguard set here does not work, but provides protection against tracking, English - TrackingProtection.She plays the role of ad blocker, as well.Keep in mind that the service appeared in IE since version 9.

To activate the option, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Tools" or press ALT + X;
  2. are looking for the "Settings";
  3. left, in the types of add-ins that will be written, "Tracking Protection".We go there;
  4. bottom right click "Enable."

worth noting that the anti-tracking adapted mainly for Western sites, but because the Russian segment of the Internet to deal with advertising it would be much more difficult.Then play the role of filter lists by default loaded into the browser, so please go to this link and select the sheet called RU AdList.In the second column to the right, next to the name RU Adlist, then click on Add TPL: RuAdList + EasyList.

Yandeks.brauzer, Opera, FireFox, Shrome - off advertising in these browsers perform the same methods across the menu and install applications (addenda) in order to enjoy the surf in the vast network without annoying sounds or advertising texts.The exception is, perhaps, InternetExplorer.But there are opportunities for a relaxing stay in the internet.

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