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agree that each of us there are situations where highly undesirable, to close or foreign people to see what we saw online and what sites visited.The reasons may be many, this is a private matter.But, nevertheless, it remains an open question - how to clear the browser history?Do not panic, in fact it is easier than ever, able to handle even a schoolboy.On how to solve this problem tells intimate nature our article, in particular, we consider deleting data in Opera.From now on, no evidence does not make you by surprise.

Where is the history of visits to the opera and how to remove it?

In order to open the "dirt" on his identity does not necessarily seek the services of a programmer.Everything is much simpler.Open the first opera.In the upper left corner is an icon with a red letter "O", click on it.After clicking the menu should appear gray, or rather a list from which to select "History" and click on it.You will see a custom page with all the addresses and descriptions of sites where you've been.Thi

s base usually contains all the data about the transitions that have occurred since the installation of the browser.

For convenience, the base is divided into several sections: "All," "Today," "Yesterday," "Last week" and "last month."As you know, the history of possible complete removal with just one click on the item "Clear history of visits."You can also do it selectively by pressing, for example, just click "Yesterday."

If you went a couple of times on compromising sites or pages that can be solved in the following way - just to find these links in the database, remove them.

There is another way of covering up the traces.To do this, you need to find the browser settings, select the partition where the "Security" in the top tab will be "Clear history of visits."By clicking it, you will see a dialog box in which in addition to cleaning up the history of visits will be asked to clear the history of downloaded files, cookies and other site data, cache, delete stored passwords and data autosave.You will need to tick purge the cache files and cookies.This work is done.

By the way, you should be aware that if you really do not want to be caught red-handed, then you should remove not only history, but also cookies-files, which are stored in the system folders on your computer.

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How to remove not only the history of the browser, but also from the hard disk

No need to be an expert to advanced computer technology to solve this problem.All you need - is to go on the computer in the "Internet Options" via the Start bar, then you will find a tab called "Browsing History," and below it the button "delete".It's simple.

As you can see, in order to clear the browser history does not necessarily have the education programmer.If time to use our recommendations, you are guaranteed to protect its reputation.And, in general, we recommend that if you want to sleep - put on your computer complex password.In this case, no one can catch your person in anything forbidden.What to take measures to protect your data - it's up to you.Let them, everything will be under control!

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