Preparations for the wedding: step by step guide

After the young man made a marriage proposal to his beloved and received a positive response from prospective spouses begins busy season - preparation for the wedding.Before the start of preparations for the wedding get a single solution regarding the organization of the wedding ceremony, it must be approved not only the bride and groom but also the parents of young, since it is on their shoulders rests the entire principal of the financial and organizational.

Where to start preparations for the wedding?

ready for the wedding with the best preparation of the detailed step by step plan and the division of responsibilities, that is, to determine who is responsible for what.As you know, the wedding ceremony requires considerable financial costs and as it happens very often, one party wants youth to organize and conduct a wedding in a big way, and the incomes and savings of the second half did not allow.Therefore, from the wedding budget and it is a start when planning your wedding.

How to make a wedding budget?

What are costly part is the wedding budget?Wedding Budget - is a list of expensive items, which must be provided for all expenses associated with the preparation and conduct of the wedding ceremony, namely:

  • wedding dress and shoes
  • transport
  • leading payment
  • gifts Wedding guests
  • weddingnight
  • second day of the wedding props
  • hall decorations
  • gifts for young and parents
  • wedding rings
  • flowers
  • organization honeymoon
  • wedding banquet

is also necessary to provide for contingencies that may arise at the momentwedding.And this is not an exhaustive list, to be sure to carefully consider, refine and approve all parties.Therefore, a detailed wedding plan should be based on the amount of costs that both sides will suffer.It is best to start planning a wedding is not a month or two, but for a longer period of time, such as 4-6 months.

Preparations for the wedding: step by step guide

detailed plan the wedding

To avoid misunderstandings and increase the costs necessary to make a detailed plan for the wedding.To do this, you need the following:

  1. Approximately determine the date of the official registration of marriage in the registry office.

    Videos "Choosing your wedding date"

  2. defined with those who will be friend and best man at the wedding, and obtain their consent.This is usually - best friends who can be entrusted with part of affairs related to the preparation, for example, to find a good photographer, Toastmasters, the musical accompaniment, a place of celebration and so on
  3. determine the place of the celebration of the wedding, such as a restaurant, urban or suburban cafe.It affects the direct costs associated with renting a room or space arrangement (construction tent, tables, chairs, dishes, cooking, etc.)
  4. buy engagement rings and wedding clothes.If all the rings clear: they can freely buy in a jewelry store, or manufacture in the jewelry workshop, the choice of wedding costumes for the bride and groom - a very serious and tedious procedure.Men, as a rule, it is a beautiful elegant suit, which will subsequently be used in daily life, and the wedding dress worn only once.It is therefore fundamentally solve the issue of whether the bride to buy a dress or a limited renting a wedding dress.Keep in mind that rent dresses - it saves a decent amount of money that can be spent on other cost item.If the wedding dress is made to order, it will take some time, that it is imperative to take into account.You also need to buy various kinds of wedding accessories for the bride - veil, shoes, jewelry, gloves, and in the winter season - Wedding fur coat
  5. Create a guest list.This is one of the most important and delicate moments of preparation for the wedding.After all, the number of invited guests will depend on the place of celebration of the wedding.It often happens that a lot of the family both near and distant relatives as well as friends and acquaintances, and soon the couple could not decide who should be required to invite, so it is advisable to make a list of all the guests, and then gradually adjust its Preparations for the wedding: step by step guide
  6. Select
  7. leading wedding ceremony.To the wedding was fun and did not turn into an ordinary meal must be warned beforehand about the presenter, who can solve several problems at once - musical design, entertainment, props and photo / video shooting.As a rule, the leading professional will offer you several options for entertainment.You should carefully study them and select the most suitable option and optional add-ons to make your Preparations for the wedding: step by step guide
  8. planning honeymoon.For more information regarding honeymoon you can find here.
  9. development and delivery of invitation to the wedding - it is one of the important attributes of the wedding.You can from a large variety of invitation cards to choose a favorite design or individually to order them at the printing house, and fill in, to send or personally deliver all welcome guests Preparations for the wedding: step by step guide
  10. If the script contains all the wedding traditions, namely, bride price, a trip with an escortthe registrar, etc., all these points should be carefully planned and prepared.For example, if the bride price will not be trivial, but as passing the entrance stairs or theatrical style of Romeo and Juliet, all this must be very well rehearsed, and most importantly - to rent at the theater circle costumes and props needed.And if the bride decides to get to the bride's house through the window, without the help of fire brigade can not do, and in this scenario it is necessary to repurchase all agree in advance with the fire department.
  11. choice of wedding car deserves special attention.If the family is not presentable for a wedding vehicles, you probably can get help from relatives and friends who are willing to give your car for the newlyweds.It is also necessary to provide for the delivery of offers to the registry office, and then to the place of celebration.And if the bride and groom wish to effectively occur near the registry office in a limo, you need to contact in advance and rolled to order its prepaid and agreed all the details.And, of course, you must choose the decoration for car Preparations for the wedding: step by step guide
  12. organize funny hen and stag parties in 2-3 days before the wedding.

detailed list for the wedding

At first glance, organize and conduct a wedding is very easy: an application filed in the registry office, got married and everything.But under these simple actions is hidden a lot of different important things you need to do to make the wedding went perfectly.Below is a short list that you can use as a crib in preparation for the wedding:

  1. preparatory stage (1-2 months):
    • Inspection Date wedding
    • decide on a wedding budget
    • Create listreviews (close relatives and friends)
    • Select witnesses for the bride and groom wedding
    • Write a script
  2. Stage - basic (1-2 months):
    • Submission of applications for registration of marriage in the registry office
    • Selecting leading wedding(Toastmasters), photographer, musicians, interior designers wedding
    • Choosing a venue for a wedding banquet
    • Drafting menu
    • Purchase wedding rings and wedding dresses for the bride and groom
    • Development of the script bride price
    • Choosing decorations for cars and banquet hall
    • choice of wedding hairstyles and makeup bride
    • Order wedding cake
    • Order individual wedding bouquet
    • development and delivery of wedding invitations to guests
    • Order wedding loaf
    • selection and rehearsal of the wedding dance
  3. additional Phase (1 month):
    • preparation and conduct of hen and stag.Read more here and here.
    • Order rooms at Honeymoon
    • Development of the script for the second day of the wedding
    • Purchase gifts for parents and memorable gifts and souvenirs for guests
    • Order fireworks
    • selection and purchase or order wedding glasses Suite
    • acquisition candles fortraditional rite - home
    • Preparation of necessary attributes to meet the young registrar of rice, detail, rose petals or serpentine
    • Preparation deployment plan nonresident visitors
    • Training landing cards for guests at the wedding table

step by step plan of preparation of the bridewedding

Preparations for the wedding: step by step guide

Preparations for the wedding the bride deserves special attention, as it will be in the spotlight all the time.So, what should make the bride?The first step is to have a notebook in which to record your training plan:

  1. submit an application to the registrar
  2. Select friend to be best man at the wedding and, of course, to get her consent
  3. Select wedding dress: buy, rentor order tailoring dresses in the atelier
  4. defined with a veil, which should be in harmony with the wedding dress
  5. Choose shoes that must be elegant and comfortable
  6. necessarily buy new underwear, socks, gloves and other accessories that will highlight the unique image of the bride
  7. preliminary contract with the hairdresser, makeup artist and a master of manicure-pedicure, which will make the wedding the bride hair and makeup, as well as manicures and pedicures.Masters must be "proven" to the process of creating hairstyles and makeup are not any misunderstandings
  8. Choose the bride's bouquet, which should be combined with a dress and not be very difficult, because the bride will keep most of the bouquet wedding
  9. rehearsed wedding dance
  10. organize a bachelorette party and it is desirable to hold it for a couple of days before the wedding, or weddings held on the eve of rapid and fun bachelorette party in the morning can leave their traces in the form of fatigue, red eyes and headache.
  11. buy gifts for the groom's parents, find out in advance their tastes and preferences

Preparations for the wedding: step by step guide

Remember!While preparing for the wedding quite troublesome occupation, the result is worth it, because the wedding ceremony - the first step to a happy family life, the memories of which will stay with you for life!