How to see the visitors in touch: The easiest way

Each year the popularity of social networks are increasingly growing.And it is quite logical that virtually every user interested in how guests see "VKontakte".Someone shakes for this third-party applications, someone - special sets traps on the pages, and someone is content with built-in application "My guests VC."We'll tell you about the most popular ways in which you can find out who is interested in your page now.

How to see guests in touch: Official Method

official position of the administration of social networks is that they respect other people's privacy.Thus, the function to show visitors to the "contact" at the level of built-in features available.However, there are several methods by which you can get around this unofficial ban on viewing guest WC.

How to see the visitors in touch: The easiest way


first application, which is called "All your guests!" Will help you to see a list of all the people who visit your page and made an action: put the "Like" made "the census" or commented on what-That record.The tab "My visitors to"

contact "" will allow you to see all their data.However, in this application there is a significant disadvantage.If your mysterious visitor opened your page, but without doing anything to it, I closed it again - the application did not display.

How to see the visitors in touch: The easiest way

second method

intranet application "My fans and guests."Install it, as well as set up, simply.All you need - to find it in the list of applications and click "Upload."Then you have to choose the tab you are interested in "Guests VC", "fans", "Statistics".This application will give you information not only about who came to your page and made some action, but also able to build a rating who is more often among boys, among girls, as well as one of the parameters that you set the time.

How to see the visitors in touch: The easiest way

third way

There is another way to see the guests, "VKontakte" without resorting to outside help.This is a special link-trap.This feature is implemented in almost all intranet applications that have positioned themselves as the trap program.These are also the two programs that we looked at earlier.

For example, with regard to the application "Fans and visitors" - you need to go to the main page of the application, select the menu tab "You want another guest" and choose the most suitable way for traps.The most common way of placing users choose the line "My Site".It is they who most often are interested in your guests 'contact'.If your solution is to place a link-trap on the wall, be sure to create some sensational headline.This will attract your guests.Everything.Further work exclusively for the application.

How to see the visitors in touch: The easiest way

It is worth to say about a lot of third-party programs that are now common in the virtual network, offering you the "right now" to install the script, showing all the guests page.These programs 99.9 percent are fraudulent.And places with the aim to take over your account.As to 0.01 per cent, then the program is simply not working.Do not risk your account for the answer to the question, how to see the guests, "Vkontakte" and illusory hope to satisfy your curiosity.