Create a free e-mail - easy!

To date, the presence of e-mail has become a prerequisite for a successful business and personal communication.This enables the registration of certain Internet resources, in some cases, to store important information and have quick access to it.And so many will be interested to know how to create a free e-mail (e-mail)?

How to create e-mail?

Besides being able to communicate, we often register on the E-mail in a variety of social networks, payment systems, on other important sites.And because it is very important with all the responsibility to the choice of a mailbox: it must have a clear and accessible way to recover your password, which are often lost or forgotten in the most inopportune moment.

Create a free e-mail - easy!

Therefore, before attempting to create a free e-mail Consider some points:

  • Invent several options-mail addresses, as most simple and complex names have long been reserved;
  • Your password (use of the Postal Service), which consists of numbers and letters (including capital);
  • if possible activate th
    e service password recovery via SMS messages to a personal telephone number.Do not Mess with this, because your e-mail may become a victim of hacking, and behind it can be hacked accounts and other Internet services.

Create a free e-mail - easy!

How to create a free e-mail

Today, there are plenty of free services creation of electronic addresses.Therefore, choosing a site to email addresses, you should consider the ease of use of the resource, the opportunities, the amount of stored information, use security (including spam protection).Many wonder where to create e-mail?Among the most popular and good resources can be distinguished many, for example,,,,,,

As the sample will create a free e-mail site do this, enter in the browser address bar and hit press Enter.Then, on the left we find a form to create mail address and click on the link "Registration in the mail."In the form should complete all the fields marked with a red asterisk: Full name and date of birth (not necessarily true), username and password twice (type carefully).The following additional fields to fill in, intended to restore access to e-mail.At the end should receive protection from automatic registration and enter the letters and numbers shown in the figure.Then press the "Save and go to the box."Now you can use the services of the postal service.More clearly quick registration process can be observed on this video:

It should be noted that in most cases when registering for different resources required to perform the identical steps, so you can easily create a second email address for any other resource.Just do not forget to mention there is a new, different from the previous one, ogy and password.

Create a free e-mail - easy!

As you can see, in today's realities of Internet technology to create a new and free e-mail with no extra effort.It should also be understood that we should not neglect the security email address, otherwise you run the risk of becoming a victim of fraud and tormented for a long time, restoring the right of access.Use an electronic box right!