How to view hidden friends "VKontakte"

«VKontakte" one of the most popular networks on the Internet.Here you can put information about yourself: age, education, work, interests.You can also add quotes, photo, date of birth and telephone number.Some users want to hide certain information, and friends as well.We will help you understand how to view hidden friends "VKontakte" and not get caught himself.

How to view hidden friends "VKontakte" for ID

Vkontakte provides a unique opportunity to talk to different people, find new friends or acquaintances.If you are interested in information on how to view hidden friends of another user (typically interested anxious parents or jealous pious), we will help you cope with it.Let's see how well you can hide friends "VKontakte".It is enough to go to the Settings menu, choose the right person and move it to a hidden list, and then save the changes.

How to view hidden friends "VKontakte"

To see hidden friends of another person in "VKontakte", you need a unique address or IDpolzovatelya.To do this, there are two easy ways.

method №1

Go to the official page "VKontakte".The procedure is the same as at the entrance to your page.You must enter your login, password and confirm via SMS code.Now go to the page of your user, and the Address bar will show a unique address (6 digits).

How to view hidden friends "VKontakte"

method №2

easier and more affordable.Log in to their page, as usual.Next, locate the user and click on his avatar, right-click.Then view the image.Different browsers offer instructions to make it "open image", "to see the image with the" etc.In the upper right corner you can see the ID.Usually, it is placed at the beginning, but may be in the middle.And now through the online viewing enter a unique address - and all you can watch the hidden data of another person.

Note: the use of confidential information, view personal data without the user's knowledge - illegal activities.You may not get into the personal life of a person without his permission.There are pirate sites that offer a variety of programs for cracking, blocking foreign pages, etc.Such methods are punishable and it is better not to resort to their use.

How to view hidden friends "VKontakte"

How can I see how many hidden friends of another user "VKontakte»

If you do decide to tell if someone has hidden friends and how many of them, we will help you to understand this.Please log in to your page.Then locate the user and get a list of his friends.It should be noted female figure and see, for example 200. Now select the male gender, for example, that the number 300 was highlighted last step - celebrate every floor and see a number like 505. We use simple mathematical calculations: 505 - 200 - 300 = 5.So the user 5 hidden friends.That's all.If you want to see the names of hidden friends, then it is not quite legitimate, but it can be done by looking at the recommendations above.

We helped you to understand how to view hidden friends of another user "VKontakte" and learn their numbers.But it is better to not to resort to these methods, auchitsya longer trust each other.