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Today Windows XP operating system is one of the most stable and common.She was chosen for its ease of use and a good level of security.But for the normal operation of the operating system will need to activate Windows XP.In this article we will discuss several methods.

How to activate Windows XP legally

Activation - is the process of registration of software at Microsoft.In most cases, this is done by entering a license key.Window activation request appears when you first start the installed system.If this is not done, then for 31 days OS can become inoperative and cause many problems to the user.

There are three formal ways, how to remove the activation window Windows XP: modem connection, telephone and via the Internet.The first of these has outlived itself and no one does not use it, so consider the other two.

enter the license key at any point in time.It is usually located on a disk with the OS package or label placed on the bottom of the notebook or the system unit.

Internet activation

Call the "Start" menu, then "All Programs", point to the string "Standard", there - on the line "System Tools" and select "Activate Windows».In the window below carefully enter the serial number.Then click "Update".After that you should check the box next to "Yes, activate Windows via the Internet."Then select "No, activate ..." and click "Next".You will then receive a notice of successful registration of the OS.

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By phone

If for any reason there is no access to the global network, you can use the phone.Service Centers Microsoft work only on weekdays, what is the main disadvantage of this method.Again, click "Start" and select "Activate Windows», where select "Yes, activate the phone."Then press the "Phone", specifying the required coordinates of its location.After connecting with the operator you prodiktuete license code, in response to which will be presented by a unique password.It needs to be put in a special field and click "Next".After that, a window will appear confirming that you have got to remove the activation of Windows XP.

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Remove activation of Windows XP (pirated)

Immediately it should be noted that this method is illegal (but free), and you use it at your own risk.However, it is most often used by users and has several variants differing in the name of a special program (the so-called activator Windows XP) and several additional actions in the OS.

easiest option can be considered the use of tools «WPA_kill», which you can find in the wilds of the Internet.Once you download it to your computer, log in as the administrator account in the operating system, unzip utility to a folder (get two files - WPA_kill.exe and AntiWPA_Crypt.dll).Disable existing antivirus (otherwise it will lock Utility) and run WPA_kill.exe.Next, click the button «Apply / Browse», then "OK", and wait.The message on successful completion of the process.Now restart your computer.This procedure should be repeated when installing SP1, SP2 or SP3 for this operating system.

read the tips in this article, you will no longer worry about how to remove the activation of Windows XP (for free or purchasing a license).This will allow you and your family to enjoy the features of the operating system without any threats to its health.

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