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Hard disk - the most important of any PC or laptop, because that is where all user information is stored, the files and folders with documents, multimedia files and installation programs.However, each user at least once in your life it is necessary to clean the machine.As a rule, so do before the computer into service to carry on other issues, but just in case, a restore of data, and the hard drive clean.Sometimes the question arises how to format the computer, when the machine will slow down or operating system crashes.And, of course, if your work unit goes to a new owner, it is also necessary to know how to format the laptop completely, so as not to cause trouble themselves or a new user.In any case, computer literacy in this matter is clearly not redundant.

How to format a computer

As you know, every computer has two types of media - system and non-system.In addition, you may need to format only one logical partition on Windows.

This operation is quite simple.Using Windows Explorer (or by click

ing on the icon "My Computer"), select the target to clean the disc, for example, D, right click and choose from drop-down menu command "Format» (Format).The system will ask for additional parameters, if desired, can also be specified: a volume label, the process of formatting.Typically, the default file system is indicated as NTFS, and formatting - prompt.If you do not have special requirements, it is best to leave things as they are by pressing the "OK".If you choose to format the computer, you should be prepared to the fact that it will take some time.

To clean a non-system drive, you can use the command line, writing in her: «format / FS: NTFS D: / q».D in this case - erasable disk.For this operation, you must have administrator privileges.

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How to format a notebook full

If the task is complete cleaning of your PC, then you need to format the hard drive and the same.In any case, before you press "Format", you need to necessarily save all data and setup files.Otherwise, they will be removed and you will have to spend the time necessary to restore the programs and documents.

next step on the way to how the format is completely computer - this change in the BIOS settings.Reboot the machine, you need to enter the BIOS and change the settings in the Boot menu to start from a CD or removable storage device (items «Boot from CD» or «Voot from removable storage»).The computer will restart at the same time again, save your configuration settings.

BIOS window

on again, according to the instructions, the machine will require a boot disk to start the operating system.Insert the disc and wait to download all files, and then select the necessary settings following the wizard setup.Choosing need to complete the installation, because when you format discs are removed absolutely all the information.It is also necessary to remember wondering how completely format the hard disk.

Next you will need to delete the existing partition or partitions and allow all the Windows files to install.By the time it will take about 30 minutes.The machine will reboot again, and you will just have to wait its turn on and set the parameters of the past - the computer name, date and time, the product key update settings, etc.Then the network settings are entered for future work on the Internet, the computer will establish the connection automatically according to set parameters.Now formatting is complete, and at your disposal absolutely clean laptop, all of which operate without interruption.

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