powerful computer

computer - a very advanced technique that takes into account in its work a lot of nuances.Including these situations, when it is very necessary to learn how to view the history of actions on the computer.This is necessary in cases when you close a tab in your browser, or not exactly remember the working procedure.Or you suspect that except you, your car uses someone else.The easiest way to find out, to learn that looking at the computer.

log display on a computer

each operating system is required to record all actions taken by the user, making the event logs.To obtain the necessary information or, conversely, to hide their tracks for the PC, you need to know where to look for such journals.In total there may be three types:

Views Last Action

  • Application log.With it, users can see what applications are installed on the PC in recent years;
  • security log.It has information on how to change the operating system was exposed;
  • event log.It collects all messages about the problems faced by the operating system at boo
    t time.

to get the most accurate and comprehensive results that are a recent views on this computer, of course, you need to carefully examine all three of the magazine, but if you know what to look for, you can restrict a particular one.

In addition, there is a browser history - a list of links that are visited by the user, and downloads.About him, too, do not forget.

view event

Where to find the last request from the computer?

three above-mentioned magazine is very easy to find.In the standard "Start" menu, select the tab "Control Panel", and then - "Performance and Maintenance".From the list of buttons, select the "Administration" the "Computer Management" the "Event Viewer".In the field, select the log that you want, and switch between them to study all the information.

menu "View" the top toolbar will select "Find", which will greatly facilitate the search for the desired event or action.In this line you need to enter the characteristics of the event to initiate a search.For added convenience, provided the item "Filter", which will clarify the possible options, cutting off all unnecessary or irrelevant information.

If you need to hide the traces of their stay behind the machine, you need the corresponding menu, select "Clear History."After pressing the button, all the information will be permanently removed.You can also copy and re-save activity logs to another location using a standard computer commands "Save Log File As."PC will offer you a choice of different formats: a log file, a test file or a text file with comma-separated.To determine the place and the type of format, click "Save".

not take much to see what the latest sites visited by the user of this computer.Intuitive menus and tab "History" will make it easier to find the information.To remove it, you need to select "Clear History" or "Clear History" in the menu.

Setting the properties of the log