How to restore the system through the BIOS: A Simple Way

Most computer users are familiar with such terms as Windowsi BIOS.However, not all are aware that in some cases the operating system can be restored, and it does not necessarily need to be reset.After reinstalling the operating system, in some cases, it may bring harm to the invaluable data available.And so many will be interested to know how to restore the system through the BIOS.Read about it in our article.

System Restore through the BIOS

Modern technology is developing rapidly, but most of the principles and methods of engineering remain unchanged.Each new version of the Windows family of operating systems gets more advanced feature set.For example, if the software fails to work or installing any drivers of the recovery process in a new operating system will pass more quickly.

How to restore the system through the BIOS: A Simple Way

Currently going through a recovery system BIOS.Even other kinds of systems (such as Linux) operating systems contain a restore point.Therefore it is very important to know how to make Windows workable after an attack

of viral programs or a disaster.At this point in time it can be done using the installation disk (USB drive), special rescuer, and in more recent versions - with SSD media or special section of the hard drive of your PC or laptop.

How to restore the system through the BIOS

It should be recalled that the company "Microsoft" dropped support for versions of Windows XP in April 2014..However, even though it is quite a few companies (including the US, Europe) continue to use the services of the OS.And so the question of how to do a system restore Windows XP without the disk through the BIOS remains quite relevant.Even taking into account the good performance of the stability of the system, it does not tolerate frequent installation, remove the software (especially if it does not have the certification).

Before Windows XP to restore the system BIOS to get through the installation disk with this system, and then:

  • insert it into the CD-ROM and reboot the device;
  • press the key when starting the system DELETE, F1, F2 to enter the BIOS;
  • Use mouse menu Boot Device;
  • select in the first place the optical drive, save your changes and reboot the PC:

How to restore the system through the BIOS: A Simple Way

  • after you see the line «Press any key» press spacebar - activate the functionality of the installation disk;
  • in the dialog box that appears, click «R», then select the desired version of the operating system (if the PC is not one), and press Enter;

How to restore the system through the BIOS: A Simple Way

  • Now enter Latin letters fixboot, press Enter, and then confirm by pressing «Y»;
  • process may take some time for it to enter the end of the string command fixmbr and press the key, as in the previous step;
  • entering Exit command allows to restart the PC, and then you can work normally.

So you were able to rid themselves of a fairly lengthy process of installing the operating system.Also do not forget to enter BIOSopisannym above method and rearrange the way the system boot from the CD-ROM to the hard disk.

As you could see, return the performance of Windows XP is not so difficult.Use our tips on how to restore your system through the BIOS and enjoy clear of your PC as long as possible.In more modern versions of Windows (7 and 8), you can restore the operating system for an even smaller number of steps - do not be afraid to use the products of progress!