Where is backed up iPhone in Windows 7

With programmyiTunesvy can save various important files for you, which will remain intact even after reinstalling the software.This makes it possible to save a photo, customize, music, movies and more safely.

Which files can be stored on the backup "aytyuns»

Where is backed up iPhone in Windows 7

Let's see, back up any files can preserve the "aytyuns»:

  • favorites lists contacts and recent calls are saved;
  • settings control keys and Bluetooth;
  • web-clips;
  • stored images, photos, video, presentations;
  • notes and calendar entries;
  • Microsoft Exchange, «Safari» ikesh;
  • accounts email (no text messages, correspondence, etc., but only account);
  • saved access points to the network, wi-fi;
  • keys to access the Internet, remote servers, etc .;
  • program files "App Store";
  • purchase (only built-in version);
  • core files, documents, programs;
  • to log in "Game Center";
  • Mapsi last saved location and point of destination;
  • individual settings Nike + iPod.

Where is backed up iPhone in Windows 7

Where is the backup of iPhone on Windows 7

Where is backed up iPhone in Windows 7

In order to determine which stores a bac

kup of iPhone on a computer running Windows 7, you need to perform the same commands as in the picture: Obaobab (inparticular case, it is your account) → AppData → Roaming → AppleComputer → MobileSync → Backup.Then choose a backup.

Importantly: creating a new backup iPhone, you replace the previous one.Therefore, files on it will be destroyed, and restore them will not succeed.It is best to keep important information on hard drives, flash drives, or in the cloud.Then your sensitive data is secure.

When you can not find hidden files, folders and drives, you must note the parameters folders flags the following commands: "Show encrypted or compressed files," "Hide protected operating system files", "Hide empty drives in the" computer "."

Where is backed up iPhone in Windows 7

Useful information

If you want to protect your backup in aytyuns, set up a password.To do this, place the column to review the protective box.So you can keep confidential information (passwords, logins, contact list, etc.) and then restore it with a password.

Where is backed up iPhone in Windows 7

If you forget your password or can not enter it, then you need to reinstall OSes and select all the default settings as offers device on the backup and choose to continue working.

If necessary, remove the backup aytyuns with Windows, then "Settings", select "Devices", where you will see a list of all the copies, choose it s unnecessary.Click on "Delete", confirm it, and close the operating window.If you want to change the settings, make some changes to backups, you can do it from aytyuns.

Every time synchronizing iPhone and aytyuns, you create a backup of iPhone on Windows 7, which contains extensive information about your contacts, Web sites, and other necessary elements for you.This makes it possible to maintain and protect your personal information and files.Therefore it is very important to know where it is stored backup iPhone to Windows 7 and how to manage it if necessary.