How to reset to the "Samsung"

Sometimes improper use or problems that can be solved by resetting to factory settings.We will tell you how to reset to the "Samsung" and what to do in such a situation.

What you need to reset the settings on the "Samsung»

How to reset to the "Samsung"

Phones "Samsung" on the android system are highly popular.They are versatile, easy to use, have a number of programs and additional functions.Many do not know that certain actions can lead to malfunction of the phone and as a result, you will have to reset to factory default, otherwise further operation of the phone is simply impossible.Let's look at typical mistakes that can lead to such consequences:

  • installation too complicated graphical key.Graphic key - quite a good way to protect sensitive information that is on your phone.Unfortunately, trying to improve security, many users install very long graphical keys, themselves and forget.The only solution in such a situation will only be reset to the "Samsung";
  • part of the installation or re-installation of additional softw
    are and applications.Some programs because of frequent re-installation begin to "interfere" with each other, which leads to malfunction of the entire device;
  • installing new software.Very often the new files do not recognize the old.This leads to the fact that neither they nor others can not work normally;
  • non-optimized programs.Place the phone only the applications and programs that are designed specifically for your model.

How to reset "Samsung" to the factory settings

There are two ways to reset to "Samsung".Both are effective and simple.Choose the appropriate way for you to to lower offers.

method №1

  1. Open the menu and select the "Settings" tab.How to reset to the "Samsung"
  2. then select "Backup and Reset" and "Archiving and reset."How to reset to the "Samsung"
  3. Next, select "Reset".That's all settings reset.

method №2

necessary to turn off the phone.Then hold down the three buttons: menu, and volume "Samsung".You should see a window system menu.Select Wipe data / factory reset.You will be asked a lot of action, you need only press the Yes - delete all user data.Next "Samsung" he reloaded, and all the settings after the reset.

Useful information

Before resetting to "Samsung", you need to consider some points.When you reset will erase all files stored on the device, so do not forget to pre-save important information for you on a removable storage device or hard drive.If you have not already done so before the procedure, return the lost data will be virtually impossible.Also, if the reason for the reset on Android become viral programs or some applications, you need to format the flash drive, and from the phone.

Now you know how to restore the factory settings Samsung, resetting on Android.This will help you establish the correct and quick work with your phone.