Objectives and rules for writing the abstract

Essay is considered to be the most popular written work for pupils and students.Although its volume is significantly inferior course or research paper, it does not mean that we should not pay attention to the correct execution of the abstract.In this article, we'll show you how to write an abstract that it meets all requirements for content and design.

types of essays and purpose of their writing

Before writing the essay, you should find out what is the purpose of the teachers, the students or the students asking to do such work.

  1. self-education.To learn well, must not only accept what you are taught to teachers, but also of interest to study the subject yourself.It is this type of work, thanks to its small size and high information content, reveals the main points of the chosen theme and improves knowledge.
  2. concept of study.In fact - it is preparation for the more serious scientific work (Student or graduate work).If you regularly make abstracts, you gradually get used to the requirements for re
    gistration and the presentation of information.
  3. development of research skills and analysis.In order to properly write the essay, it is necessary not only to view samples of the finished work, but also to learn how to analyze data from different sources and place them in a logical order.In addition, they will help you learn how to prepare a work plan and its contents, as well as writing a list of references.

  • intellectual development.To make an abstract of maximum quality, it is necessary to re-read a lot of related information that is bound to be reflected in the overall level of intellectual development.
  • Objectives and rules for writing the abstract


    How to write an abstract cognitive

    • : expanding theoretical knowledge in the chosen subject.Most often, the information from the abstract is not included in the main program and only complements it.
    • classification type summarizes the studied material and makes it easier to grasp the theoretical developments of scientists.
    • research allows more widely available with a specific theme and gives ground for more in-depth research in the future.

    To learn how to write an abstract, you can view the samples online, or even download photo processing title page and bibliography.But one should always remember the basic requirements and stages of writing.By mastering them, you will not have problems when creating this little scientific work.

    1. choosing a theme, try not only to make it interesting for you personally, but also to make some contradictions.So it will be easier to bring opposing views and expand their theses of other researchers.
    2. After selecting draw up a list of relevant literature, which may contain information on interesting subject.
    3. Take notes, writing down quotes or theses of other researchers.Try to keep all the terms are clear to you.
    4. Writing draft.It can be very short, especially if you already have experience of writing such works.
    5. together a plan and provide a draft to the lecturer.Only then can you start writing the final.

    Objectives and rules for writing the abstract

    To make a correct summary, it must be divided into several functional parts.

    1. Cover Sheet
    2. Contents Introduction (here you must specify the purpose and relevance of the research to the concept of the knowledge base, and briefly describe the structure of the work)
    3. main part (most often it is divided into several logical parts)
    4. Conclusion
    5. includes the author's conclusions after examining
    6. list of sources used
    7. Applications