feature on employee

Characteristics of an employee is included in the package of official documents from the workplace.Write it may require internal regulations of the company or another employer who takes man for the job.The main purpose of it is made - to give a brief assessment of professional qualities and achievements, describe the formation and properties of nature.Although a clear framework for drawing up specifications is not in the official documentation developed certain canons, following the registration of the characteristics which have no difficulty.

feature on employee

General requirements for writing specifications

  1. text written in the third person in the present or past tense (depending on the future purpose of the document).
  2. sure to include the name of "data" and give the full name of the employee and his position.
  3. first paragraph - brief biographical details of the employee.Then describe his work in the company, specific examples of his posts.Many samples also indicate personal achievement (project management, succ
    essful participation in various programs)
  4. The features include information on obtaining additional education, another specialty or reach a new level of qualification.
  5. give an estimate of the professional qualities of workers (experience, skills, ability to communicate with colleagues and leadership qualities of character that are directly attributable to the fulfillment of job duties).
  6. Personality (psychology, cultural level, etc.).
  7. In the last paragraph, be sure to specify the characteristics of the destination.The document must be signed by the head of the organization, as well as the immediate superior officer or the head of the personnel department.
  8. put under the signature date and seal of the company.

give a broader explanation of the characteristics of each item, and in the end of this article we present a sample of her writing.

header portion characteristic

  • name;
  • name of the organization that issued it;
  • position of the employee;
  • full name, first name and patronymic.


The first paragraph is often limited to name, initials, date of birth and brief information about education officer.To properly write a response, you can also specify a degree or specialization of a person if there is one.

Description of work in the characterization

  1. indicate the date of entry into the position in the organization.If you want to inscribe and previous employment.
  2. Summary of career development (transfers to other positions and increasing).
  3. In drawing up specifications also list work achievements (management of projects and works, independent performance of complex tasks).
  4. It also includes information on professional development and further education.

feature on employee

Personal and professional data

  1. Evaluate employee competence, experience in performing certain types of work, expertise, a penchant for self-education.
  2. In the paragraph of qualifications can write about relationships with colleagues and superiors, capacity for analysis and management, control of work performance.
  3. estimated ability to logically organize the workflow and to take responsibility for the quality of work performed.
  4. To properly write about personal qualities in characteristic, it is necessary to mention the relationship in the collective psychological qualities and the general level of culture.There are also a variety of rewards and penalties.

feature on employee

In the final paragraph, be sure to indicate the characteristics of the place of destination, and shall sign below the chiefs of the organization and the department in which the person works.The document shall be certified by the company seal.

feature on employee