How you arrange and cover sheet of the abstract

Jobs at school are different.Some are for better absorption of the material studied, others are designed for the teacher was able to see how well the student has passed the subject.Examples of these tasks include control, essays and exams.Test and examination papers usually do not require written material prepared for this are abstracts.The word "abstract" in Latin means "to report or reporting to," and in fact, is a creative task student in which to conduct research and the importance of a given topic.For this work, it should be treated with seriousness, as an improper design of the text, and the home page may affect future mark, even though the content information.Therefore, in this article we look at how to create the right form his own abstract and title page.

How you arrange and cover sheet of the abstract

How to make a title page abstract

Before working on the title page, you should definitely see the name of the theme, as inaccuracy in writing the title may affect the estimate.If you arrange the essay in a text program (eg Word), the tit

le page should be filled in font Times New Roman.The size of the title of the work should be in the range 28-36.A4, offset from the page - 2 cm at the top and bottom of each side - 1 cm. The order of registration is as follows:

  1. Name of work (in our case - the abstract) is written in the middle of the title page.The main topic name indicates the line below, underneath is written the second title or subtitle (if any)
  2. At the top of the title page is written the name of your school
  3. On the right side below the subject, you must specify your name, surname, patronymic, a class insometimes you need to write data about the teacher (name, some subjects are taught what category assigned teacher)
  4. At the bottom of the center of the title page written a city in which the work was created, and the year it was written

the way, will not be amiss before writingabstract ask the teacher whether to issue the edge of the page into a beautiful thin frame, which would give more perfection and aesthetic appearance of your work.Also find out whether it is possible to insert under the heading descriptive picture.

What to do with handwritten essay?

Handwritten essays should be made out according to the same rules as the printed versions.An exception is the spelling of the word "abstract".In educational institutions require that the word has been written through a stencil medium font, black or blue ink.

If you set a creative essay on the topic, the title pages of these works can be executed in an unusual style, on any background.Images can be added, but only on the topic.Do not fill the illustrations work only to increase the amount of pages.Other requirements are the same as in conventional reports.

Subject to these requirements, the likelihood of a higher score guaranteed.Do not be afraid to do the work before asking his teacher, what can and can not be allowed in the preparation of your report.It will be great if your page abstract will be enclosed in transparent file and filed in a folder.We hope that our recommendations will help you quickly and easily cope with the task, and the result of your labors will be the highest score!