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Diploma, courses, reports, essays, reports, and perhaps a dozen other names - all that has to go through the student until his graduation from the higher educational institution.Sometimes we, the students, it seems that tekstraboty not so important by the teachers because they always find fault with the correct design of the title page of the report.It was given to them.Therefore, the error may be in the text or in the course of the abstract, but God forbid something like a professor on the first page.Hence arises the teeth on edge question: how to decorate the cover page of the report?

State standards of the title page of the report: stupidity really

In fact, there are certain state standards in the design of term papers, dissertations and abstracts.As it turned out during the searches, several of them: 21.101.97 GOST, GOST 2.105-95, GOST 7.32-2001.With regard to GOST 21.101.97 - that I was sad to see that the standard provides "Internet experts" as the rules of the title page.Apparently, sometime

, some enterprising student Losers without reading the names of the standard itself and the area of ​​its use, saw in him the rules of registration of the home page, but forgot to read the names, for which specific works, he designed and laid out in a number of standard networkissues like rules of registration of foreign exchange and other works.Himself GOST so called "System of design documents for construction", "Basic requirements for design and working documents".Because I'm still not clear as the standard in the building, telling us about the design documentation, is associated with the correct design of the title page of the report.You can access it by clicking here.

Once done with the wrong standards, we turn to those who really govern the design of the title page for the report.This is a guest: 2.105-95 and 7.32-2001.The first guest - is also associated with the construction and covers aspects of creating documents for machinery, equipment and construction.It is called "Unified system for design documentation.General requirements for textual documents. "It is not quite "it", but closer to the truth.

second GOST 7.32-2001 - what is called "the bull's eye."In the field of application of interstate standards (effective not only in Russia) appear and universities, and the name of its "structure and design rules."Because, as a basis, when you make the cover sheet of the report is to take what is written in this document and nothing else.

design standards

long time to paint, where and how to write letters - all shown in the photo above.

to visit 7.32-2001, in paragraph 6.10, clearly appear to the requirements of the title page.Link to familiarize with the standards you have to open and read, if something you do not understand or want to clarify.Written specifically for you, because - let's bother.

A professor knows?

Nuance as follows: all-knowing teacher, perhaps even a doctor of some sort of Sciences and an honorary member of the Academy does not matter who, whether he know how to draw up a cover page of the report?If not, then all your work with the reading of this article, visitors and time spent on the preparation of the main page of a "how to", can be cruel and unjust crossed Mr. Ph.D., who oversees your work.Begin to him to prove that you are right and did everything according to standards?Well, how.So before - ask their curators of the University, both in their opinion properly arrange the first sheet, and then proceed to work.

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