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fashion world has always fascinated young girls with its brilliance and flashes of cameras.Beauties go to bed and wake up with only one dream: "I want to be a model!".However, this work is not as easy as it seems at first glance.It requires a lot of effort, patience and preparation.Therefore, if you are determined to become a model, it is important to begin now to take the first steps to the career.

What you need to become a model: what does the appearance?

most favorable age to start work in the modeling industry 14-19 years in 21 chance of success will be much less.How should look like a model?Requirements are not too many: growth must not be less than 172 cm (ideally 175-181sm), waist - 58-62 cm, hip circumference - 88-92 cm, chest - 86-91 cm. But do not despair,If your figure does not meet the parameters.With some zest to the beautiful nature and the right facial features, you can be quite successful model.Here, growth is not important, the main thing - photogenic, ease and professionalism of th

e photographer and makeup artist.

What qualities should a future model?

Also presentable appearance in the start-top model is very important confident, right, beautiful walk (usually in the process of filming a girl watches wear shoes with very high heels), and good posture (almost 70 percent of business success).And, of course, of great importance is the nature of a girl who dreams of success in the modeling industry.It must be single-minded, self-confident, hard-working, sociable, artistic, punctual, responsible, have patience and great willpower.Try to bring a quality data.

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How to become a top model girlfriend: Tips

start modeling career is recommended as follows:

  • first of all, it is necessary to make a decent portfolio, it is desirable to have a professional photographer, because it can show your best side to potential employers.It should include high-quality pictures in full growth: clothing, in a bathing suit (preferably separately) and portrait photo;
  • then select a number of modeling agencies and send it to your photos;
  • be engaged in their education.The ideal would be to learn in school models.There you will learn the basics of plastics, makeup, fashion shows, and more - acting.If you do not have such a possibility, then engaged in self-education by means of fashion magazines, books and special video tutorials;
  • graduating, go to casting.At the same time adhere to these simple rules: never be late, do not apply a bright make-up, dress is not catchy, but the clothes advantageous accentuates your figure.

Remember, competition in the fashion world is very large, so try to calmly accept failures and criticism in his address, and keep moving forward.

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How to become a model: self-improvement

To become a successful model, you need every day to work on yourself.If you intend to bring your dream to life, stick with the recommendations given below:

  • eat properly, do aerobics, fitness or yoga class, visit the beauty salon, spend more time outdoors.Do not forget that you should always look beautiful, offer the employer can enroll at any time;
  • get rid of the bad habits they have a negative effect on well-being and impair the performance;
  • start to learn foreign languages, models, often called the shooting abroad;
  • develop intellectual;
  • do not be overconfident.All people (whether colleagues or employer rival) treat respectfully and kindly.Do not forget that anger, envy and other negative emotions and feelings do not decorate the person.In the world of fashion are valued modesty and sense of humor.

Use our tips, please be patient - and you will reach your goal.Good luck!

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