Dismissal during the holidays: what are the features?

Unfortunately, ignorance of constitutional rights, the rule of law relating to layoffs of personnel, allows employers to make dishonorable wrongful dismissal while on vacation.How to avoid the loss of the place and how to go?What are the types of layoffs during the holidays?

Dismissal during the holidays: Is it possible?

Dismissal is prohibited in the following cases:

  • decree;
  • initiative party - the employer;
  • leave to care for a child up to the onset of 1.5 years;
  • child care before 3 years of age;
  • training.

maternity leave - sick leave, from a seven-month pregnancy period to the fact of birth.

Dismissal during the holidays: what are the features?

law provides for women to find a vacation before the age of three minor children.The calculation procedure is not particularly different from the usual dismissal.During Decree woman retain the right place with annual leave and monetary compensation.Study leave retains the space occupied by the departing employee at the sessional period, with cash payments specified by the legislation.

Can I leave during the holidays?

can be dismissed in case of:

  • initiative of the employee;
  • retirement.

employee on leave, resigns in the event of retirement with legal payments.If a mercenary has decided to terminate the employment contract in the next year off, the procedure involves submission of the application the employee two weeks before the scheduled date.

Dismissal during the holidays: what are the features?

it possible to dismiss during the holidays?

Dismissal during vacation possible with the cancellation of the functional activity of the institution (bankruptcy).The presence of the worker unjustified absenteeism may also entail the right guidance to calculate the employee for absenteeism.

Another reason for dismissal - non-fulfillment of professional and functional responsibilities of the worker, taking into account a variety of reasons (illness, death, injury).

Leave without pay

This type is characterized by additional annual leave.During the administration of additional leave is not entitled to payment to the employee, he retains occupied vacancy.The main points of:

  • Head organization must provide additional leave after completing a documented worker permit;
  • additional leave may be granted with a positive decision the administration management;
  • due to the deterioration of the financial situation of the company.This form is provided by the Constitution and specified in the legal documentation.This takes into account the length of additional leave.

Dismissal during the holidays: what are the features?

Any organization can commit dismissal during the holidays, just abiding by the rules stipulated by the labor code.The exceptions are certain financial aspects of the company.The main reason for the dismissal of a statement on its own initiative, employees of the institution.