How to get a job in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Every day, Emergency Situations Ministry, risking their own health and sometimes their lives, to help us in case of emergency.Robot is not easy, but at the same time very humane, prestigious and with a good salary.So many people want to join the ranks of the brave rescuers.How to get a job in the MOE?Let's try to understand.

Jobs MOE: vacancies and requirements

requirements for employees MChSdostatochno high.It is necessary to pass a certain competitive selection.To get started you will need to get an appointment to the head of the personnel department of MES in your area.Be careful with the standard set of documents: passport, high school diploma, higher education, military ID.You will be offered vacancies, if among them are the ones that interest you, you write the statement, and consider your candidacy a special commission.In order to significantly increase their chances to earn extra points, prepare a certificate of another family member, a certificate of no criminal record, references from pre

vious jobs, diplomas school sports or visits of specialized courses, etc.Jobs in the MOE rather tense, so you definitely have to go through the necessary psychological tests.If you are approached by all the requirements you will find on the medical board, and then certification.Do not forget to tighten the physical standards.

How to get a job in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

How to get to the MOE after school

The list of requirements for the majority of jobs in the Ministry of Emergency Situations said special line - service in the army.Therefore, immediately after school, you will most likely not be able to get the service.While some jobs do not require it, there is a strong likelihood that you still call upon to serve.Therefore, if you plan to become an expert in the future Ministry of Emergency Situations, the best serve in the army, and then get a job.Also try to pull the main subjects to actively work out, go through a medical examination.This will help you when applying for a job and during the service itself.After graduation, you will be able to take part in the competition for admission to specialized high schools of the Ministry, after which your chances to get into the Ministry of Emergency Situations immediately increase.

How to get a job in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

How to get to the MOE after the army

If you have served in the army and want to get to the MOE to work, then you need to contact the Human Resources Department.Here you present your military ID and necessary documents.You must provide a list of jobs from which you can choose the appropriate one.Then the medical board should be checking you and your loved ones for any previous convictions and drives to the police.Also, you have to pass psychological tests that are tested by psychologists at special criteria.Preference is given to masters of sports, candidates for master of dischargers.Serious obstacles to the service can be a chronic disease or variations in health status.If, however, you could not find any job, do not worry, get to the reserve.With the availability of service in the army, a good biography, letters of recommendation and a satisfactory state of health, you may well get to work a little later.

How to get a job in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

How did you make sure to get to work in the MOE it is not so difficult.It is necessary to properly set a goal and strive for it by any means.