Citroen C-Crosser Citroen C-Crosser - first crossover from the company Citroen, which absorbed the swiftness of a sports car, SUV aggressiveness and refined elegance of high-end car.


With its dimensions (length 4.64 m, width 1.81 m and height 1.71 m), the falling roof line and rounded shape of the wings of C-Crosser just did full of dynamics and solidity .

front part C-Crosser attracts attention original branded chevrons, underlining the power of the car, as well as the lights of unusual shape, which, rushing to the top of the bonnet, wings numb car.The rear of the C-Crosser is made in the same mixed style - at the same time dynamic, solid and refined.

convex rear bumper covers the body and smoothly into the wheel arches, stylish chrome strip on the rear connects the top and bottom of the tailgate and the rear lights are equipped with high-power LEDs , which provide excellent brightness and low power consumption.


The same harmonious blend of style attracts attention and cabin crossover.Black das
hboard is designed in such a way that each button is clearly visible and can be used intuitively form.

aluminum rims dials on the sporty character of the SUV and the driver's seat resembles a pilot's seat airliner.

deserves special attention interior trim - grainy surface texture and soft tones of the dashboard, nice upholstery, high-quality finish of the door panels, clever design every detail create the impression of harmony and impeccable quality.

C-Crosser shows their commitment to family values, offering a layout 5 + 2: in his cabin can accommodate up to 7 passengers, due to the additional 2-bed seat 3rd row.

second row seats divided in a ratio of 60/40, can be shifted back and forth at 80 mm, and their back is fixed at any of three positions most convenient for passengers.

long wheelbase of the car (2.67 m) ensures maximum space for passengers, and the large number of different storage compartment helps to improve comfort.

The luggage compartment - one of the largest in its class.The 5-seat configuration, ie. E. With folded seats of the third row of the boot capacity reaches 510 liters, and if you need to transport bulky items, and can be folded second-row seats - thus, increase the amount of luggage up to an impressive 1691 liters.

Another advantage of the luggage compartment C-Crosser - and two-piece tailgate.The lower section allows you to lower the threshold for the maximum load - up to 640 mm, and get the trunk with a flat bottom.Also, this section may be used as a seat - it withstands a load of 200 kg load .

spare wheel is fixed under the body.This not only frees the inner space of the luggage compartment, but also allows you to replace the wheel, without engaging in loading-unloading luggage.

Citroen C-Crosser


Citroen C-Crosser - a car designed to give the pleasure of driving.To this end, it has all the prerequisites: rigid body with an aluminum roof (in 5kg lighter than steel, 4 mm reduced center of gravity), front and rear independent suspension with stabilizer bars, four-wheel drive, special tires Michelin, variable power steering performance, a lot ofelectronic systems, powerful brakes.

Of particular note is the engine and transmission of the vehicle.Modern gasoline engine volume 2.4 liters develops power of 160 hpat 6000 rev / min, and provides excellent traction - 232 Nm at 4000 rev / min.

motor power is sufficient to achieve the maximum 195 km / h with an average fuel consumption of 9.3 liters per 100 kilometers.Paired with the engine running CVT, which can operate either in automatic mode or in a mode of fixed gear that switches the driver.

wheel drive transmission C-Crosser offers the driver a choice of any of the three operating modes: two driving wheels (2WD) - for maximum fuel economy when driving on good roads;mode four driving wheels (4WD) - for driving on any roads, with automatic distribution of traction between the front and rear wheels;Mode rigid connection axes (Lock) with locked center differential, for driving on bad roads.

All modes are selected by pressing a switch located on the console behind the gearshift lever.

This AWD system of the latest generation, is controlled by an onboard computer that evaluates the mass parameters: vehicle speed, steering angle, the difference in the wheel speed, the degree of pressing the accelerator pedal.Thanks to the intelligent management of the distribution of traction on the front and rear axle, the vehicle is always under the control of the driver.

Security Security has been a major issue for the designers of C-Crosser.The body structure has been strengthened by the use of high-strength steel sheets in order to limit the deformation in a collision.

In addition, it is equipped with an optimized front side members form that increases the absorption of impact energy, and reinforcing beams in the doors, which protect occupants in a side impact.

C-Crosser features two front and two side airbags in the front and two curtain airbags.The two adaptive front airbags - the pressure and the degree of opening depends on the force of impact.

passenger airbag can be switched off using the ignition key (which inform a special indicator), and in this version is possible to install a child seat on the front passenger seat.

In addition, mounting Isofix to install child seats are provided in the second row.All seats are equipped with 3-point seat belts, front - with pyrotechnic pretensioners and limiters.

car has a whole army of electronic assistants.Thus, C-Crosser is equipped with standard ABS with electronic brakeforce distributor (EBD), Electronic Stability Program ESP (Electronic Stability Program), which can be disabled, and the system ASR, which prevents slipping wheels.

Citroen C-Crosser - first crossover from the company Citroen, which connected the car a stylish design, roomy interior, four-wheel drive and off-road capabilities with a good sense of style, thirst for adventure and adventure, unique to Citroen.

Citroen C-Crosser


Modification 2.4i 16V
Compliance emissions Euro IV Euro IV
Number of cylinders 4 4
volume, cm3 2359 2359
Bore, mm - Stroke, mm 88 x 97 x 88 97
Maximum power EEC (kW- rev / min.) 125 - 6000 125 - 6000
Maximum power DIN (HP - vol. / min.) 160 - 6000 160 - 6000
Maximumtorque EEC (Nm- vol. / min.) 232 - 4000 232 - 4000
Transmission mechanical variator
Gear 5 5 fixed gear
dimension 215/70 16 "/ 225/55 18"
axis - Suspension
Front: Independent type pseudoMcPherson with antiroll
Rear: independent, multi-link with stabilizer bar, springs with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers
front / rear ventilated disc / disc
Dimensions / Capacity / Volume
Length - Width 4646 - 1806
height - Wheelbase mm 1713 - 2670
Front overhang - Rearoverhang mm 969 - 1007
Ground clearance, mm 174
Width luggage mm 1170
The luggage compartment 184 dm3
The luggageBranch with folded seats 3rd row (min - max), dm3 441 - 510
The luggage compartment with folded seats of the 2nd and 3rd rows dm3 1690
curb weight (EEC min), 1685 kg 1715
Gross weight kg 2290 2290
Carrying capacity 605 575
Speed ​​characteristics
0 - 400 m, with 17,2 18,3
0 - 1000 m (one driver), with 31,4 32,7
0 - 100 km / h, with 10,4 11,7
maximum speed, km / h 200 195
Citycycle l / 100 km 12,6 12,6
Country cycle l / 100 km 7,6 7,5
combined cycle, l / 100 km 9,4 9,3
CO2 (g / km) 222 225
tank capacity, l 60