Multivarki hotter

first glance multivarka Hotter delight you with bright vivid colors that are guaranteed to raise spirits and improve appetite.Although there are in the lineup, and the traditional white and black - for kitchens in a simple style and high-tech interior.However, past the cheerful orange, yellow and green color, passionate red or purple stylish impossible to pass.

But not only is good colorings multivarka Hotter hx 200 1. First of all, it is quality that the British company has already proved by the example of his other instruments and models.All functions are carried out perfectly in the end and give a delicious and healthy dishes.And I must say that the features in this Multivarki incredibly much.It is possible to prepare all prepared in the kitchen.And cooking and frying and stewing, longing she performs with the same skill, but also bakes bread and pastries and any other allows you to fry on the grill and fryer.

Moreover, with regard to the grill at Hotter Multivarki unanimous rave reviews, praisin

g the grill function, noting the ease of use and cleaning.Also particularly noteworthy feature rice cooker, ideal for cooking rice, and Marmite, which maintain a temperature of 50 degrees and is suitable for defrosting and reheating.

Another feature of this Multivarki is that it allows to prepare both small and large quantities of food (up to 4.7 liters), that is a big happy family, or when you want it, or baking larger products.A two removable cup release you from having to unload the capacity to deliver the next meal.In addition, if you choose, say, jelly cook for the New Year, you do not need to interrupt the process, for leisure or cooling unit.

E that multivarka ready to cook a really serious food - such as jelly, language, pudding and so on. D. The transparent cover on top will allow you to monitor the cooking process, but if necessary you can even cook with the lid open - providedand does not affect the program.The kit includes a grating for braising, grilling, a colander, and tongs for easy pulling hot grids and bowls.

Control Panel in Hotter Multivarki also very simple and accessible, there is a timer that shows the cooking time.Mode of application.Download the products in a container or expanded on the grid.Then install the bowl or colander grate in place, set the program time and turn.It is possible for some programs delayed the start and maintain after cooking warm.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko