Warning contest!

Today coffee - the most popular beverage after water on the planet.

It's no surprise, only one coffee aroma pleasing and enhances vitality.

Brew morning cup of strong drink, enjoy its magnificent sensual scent, and then be happy to drink it - is not the best bliss on earth?

Although, perhaps, the pleasure of receiving an unexpected gift is no less!

Together with the German company "Melitta" Hoti please you double - answer the questions of the quiz "Coffee delight" and get a chance to win a coffee machine, a set breakfast or a toaster!

Details Contest here: http://strana-sovetov.com/melitta

Good luck!

German mark MELITTA® represents for millions of consumers worldwide high coffee culture and expertise in everything to do with coffee and coffee drinks.

MELITTA History begins in 1908 in Dresden (Germany).The tradition of this wonderful beverage consumption in Europe totaled more than 300 years when in 1908 the German housewife Melitta Bentz from Dresden in the preparation of

coffee has decided to get rid of bad, stuck in the teeth of coffee sediment.To do this, she picked up her son's blotter - student Willie and put it as a filter in perforated brass hand mug.Enterprising woman in the same year, this simple invention patented in the Royal Patent Office.Coffee Filter began his triumphal march around the world.With this invention, and the history of the company began MELITTA.Proizvodstvo coffee MELITTA® in Bremen (Germany) - a town with a long tradition of roasting and coffee facilities.The manufacture all of its products ensures constant MELITTA® German quality.

Careful selection of coffee beans from the best plantations around the world, gentle roasting and masterful blending give birth to an incomparable taste of coffee coffee MELITTA® MELITTA®.Kakoy would you prefer - a bright strong or delicate creamy, MELITTA® You'll enjoy, give courage andenergiyu.MELITTA® - enjoy the delicious taste, rich aroma and air resistant foam!