How to learn IMEI

Many owners of mobile phones have heard the acronym IMEI, but not everyone understands what it refers to the code and for what purposes it can be used.IMEI - a standard serial number of the mobile device, its international identity, which is affixed by the manufacturer for each device.This code is unique and is transmitted to the mobile network operator when you connect the device.The most frequent reason for testing is to steal IMEI gadget.Ieif the stolen cell phone will set a new SIM-card, the police will be able to track the owner of the card and withdraw the gadget.All the features and applications IMEI serial number will tell in the article.

What is the IMEI phone

Standard IMEI contains 15 tsifirny code.Manufacturers of mobile devices never let two gadgets with the same serial numbers IMEI.This combination of characters originally programmed in the software of the mobile device, so the title of "firmware", regardless of what your model and brand of your phone (Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Acer, etc.).

How to learn IMEI

This code is used to uniquely identify a mobile device on the network GSM.In other words, if a user turn on the machine without the SIM-card, it will appear on the network operator.Deciphering the code IMEI

combination IMEI stands as follows:

  • first 6 digits represent the international qualifier Type Approval Code (TAC) - approved the encoding type species, which is assigned to a specific phone model.Thus the first 2 characters - country code, where vypushena gadget;
  • next 2 characters - is the ID code of the country which made the final assembly of the device.It is called the Final Assembly Code (FAC);
  • following 6 characters - a unique serial number directly to the phone, which is abbreviated SNR (Serial Number);
  • final figure 1 is a backup number, called SP (Spare), and almost always equal to 0.

Scope IMEI

How to learn IMEI

  1. Verification code IMEI - it is the most rapid and easy way to get information about the mobile gadgetbefore you pay to buy it at the point of sale.Just one simple combination will instantly verify compliance "sewn» IMEI number in order, which is applied to the device.
  2. Also check code allows to protect themselves from the risk of buying a stolen phone.Every user who has been the victim of theft or loss of your gadget can keep the serial number in the database of the lost device IMEI.
  3. This serial number is also possible to find lost or stolen phone.To do this, add the database IMEI combination of the missing gadget to improve the chances of finding a lost device.
  4. by blocking access to the device, which can realize mobile network operator after confirming ownership phone, the user will restrict access to the network intruders in various regions of the coating.
  5. Finally, the IMEI code indicates the integrity of the manufacturer, build quality and security guarantees for every client.

How to find your IMEI

Check code quite difficult.The vast majority of mobile gadgets, regardless of the model and the type of operating system, respond to simple combination.Usually it is sufficient to identify the serial number, which works on both old and new gadgets on.

So, check your IMEI code is necessary to do such manipulations:

  1. dialing * # 06 #.To highlight one or two rooms imei, the amount of which depends on the number of slots for SIM cards.

    How to learn IMEI

  2. Verify the number of received codes that are listed on the back of the body of the gadget, under the battery.

    How to learn IMEI

also permissible to use other methods.

provides several methods for checking IMEI different manufacturers:

  • for old mobile phones brand Sony or Sony Ericsson must be pressed on the keyboard combination «* Right * Left Left * Left *»;
  • for gadgets on the Android platform just go to the phone menu "Settings" and go into the category of "On the phone";
  • mobile Blackberry or the latest models of Sony Ericsson should go to the "Options" menu and open the section "status";
  • for gadgets based on iOS just go to the "Settings" menu, then click on the "General" category and select the "About phone".

Thus, we examined the main provisions of the concept of the code IMEI, resulted in the most frequent reasons for its use and how to check the serial number.