How to replenish Webmoney

Recently online space has become not just a wonderful tool for finding all kinds of information and entertainment, but also provides plenty of opportunities to earn money, buy a variety of goods, payment for services.Webmoney online payment system today is the leading service providers such opportunities.Instant transfers substantially make life easier for each user and saves a lot of time.Let us consider in more detail ways to add funds to Webmoney.

How to top up WebMoney purse

Developers bothered about usability and accessibility of the service management.As a result, today there are plenty of ways to add funds to Webmoney.

How to replenish Webmoney

This procedure is carried out by means of such systems:

  • payment terminals;
  • exchangers Webmoney;
  • bank card;
  • electronic money and payment systems;
  • remittance;
  • cash retailers;
  • bank transfer;
  • internet banking;
  • postal transfer;
  • through the bank branch;
  • transmission warranty on the storage;
  • prepaid cards and vouchers;
  • account mobile phone Webmoney.

How to replenish Webmoney from your phone

How to replenish Webmoney

Since the mobile phone - the daily companion of every modern man, this gadget is always at hand.This explains the popularity of the device to recharge your account WebMoney.Currently, users of the service WM Keeper Standard (Mini) and WebMoney Transfer can make money on your WMR-purse directly from account.As a rule, it uses the phone number that was specified in the registration and listed in the certificate.It is also permitted to make funds and other rooms, however, after a short procedure for their reinforcements to the account.

Important!Perform this transaction may subscribers of mobile operators as MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and Baikalwestcom.

How to replenish Webmoney

So, to replenish Webmoney from your phone you need to do the following simple manipulations:

  1. Log into your account and go to the service category of "Purses".Then click on the option "Add" and select the menu option "With mobile phone bills."
  2. system then redirected service TelePay, where you can transfer money to the balance of the purse from any number of mobile operator.
  3. If you have already attached the phone number above, then you must be authorized in the system under his WMID and follow the tab "Attach phone bill."
  4. Otherwise, the system prompts you to enter data e-mail, phone or WMID and automatically register the user.
  5. After this, go to the menu "Transfer funds from your phone to wallet" where you can enter the amount to be paid to the WebMoney wallet.We confirm the action by clicking "Continue".
  6. The mobile phone will receive a message to send a request for the transfer of funds, after which will receive an SMS message with information about the confirmation of the transaction.
  7. To confirm the operation, you need to send a reply SMS indicating any text other than the digit "0".
  8. Done!After a short period of time means go to said WMR-purse Webmoney.

How to replenish Webmoney

Important!Recharge mobile phone account with the operator charges a fee in the following amounts:

  • MTS - 11.6%;
  • MegaFon - 9.1%;
  • Beeline - 8.5%;
  • Baikalwestcom - 5.9%;
  • Tele2 - 19.2%.

So refill the purse WebMoney via phone is the easiest and fastest way to make cash.Use the possibility of the payment system in order to achieve the maximum comfort of service.