How to flash Android

operating platform Android is now the undisputed leader among all the systems for mobile gadgets.The rapid development of technology leads to continual improvement, which entails regular updates, increased functionality, increased safety for the user to use the device the necessary options.Therefore, the free use of the Internet space, you can find a lot of official and custom firmware for phones and tablets Android, which can be installed on any device.

Reinstalling Android

need to reinstall the version of Android is often a consequence of shortcomings themselves developers, as well as due to the incorrect use or installation of any application.In any case, the problem can be easily remedied, reinstall or upgrade the system.Automatic resetting user can update the Android version of its automatic mode.

How to flash Android

To do this, perform the following manipulations:

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Go to category "General Settings", and then click on the icon "Check for Update."
  3. If the item is not on the menu - i
    t means that the manufacturer has not provided an update.
  4. Next, make sure that the gadget is connected to a Wi-Fi network and click on the icon "Update".

Important!It is not recommended that you upgrade after the traffic of mobile networks 3G, GPRS, or 4G.Regardless of the tariff plan, such sources are very unstable, and in the process of reinstallation may fail, which will cause adverse effects.

custom version of Android reinstall

Experienced users phones based on Android prefer to install custom firmware becausethey have a number of advantages.Such software already have administrative access, they have broad functionality that is not always in the original version of the update.Change custom firmware is easy.It uses the Android operating software of any special programs like Recovery.

How to flash Android

How to upgrade the Android

update the software version in the following order of actions:

  1. Initially, you need to connect your gadget to the Internet.To check go to "Settings" menu and activate the connection, thereby allowing the automatic update of the operating system.Typically, phone or tablet automatically alerts the user when new firmware versions.
  2. go in service applications via and find the latest version of software for Android.
  3. Download the installation file updates for your model mobile gadget.The installation process is automatic - similar to installing Android applications.
  4. Reboot your mobile device and evaluate the quality of the new version of the operating system.

How to flash Android Phone

Complete rewrite the software version on the Android takes more time.To do this, the user must install the Root rights.This will get root access to edit any files and folders, in Vol. H. The system and hidden by default.Unfortunately, getting the right information, you will not guarantee the maintenance and repair service of the gadget.Then you need to make a backup - a backup of the existing configuration.

How to flash Android

This requires such action:

  1. Download free Android app that will restore the system, for example, ClockWorkMod.
  2. then you must install an official or a custom ROM-version, designed for a particular model.
  3. Prepare MicroSDHC memory card to temporarily save the BIOS file.
  4. Next you need to run the program ClockWorkMod Recovery and select from the menu option «Backup & amp;restore ».
  5. Then you need to click «Backup» and confirm by pressing the «YES».
  6. Then restart the device by clicking on the option «Reboot system now».
  7. As a result, in the folder «clockworkmod / backup» on the memory card should appear in the backup to update the Android.The file name will consist of the date and time of creation.

How to flash Android

proceed directly to the flashing Android:

  1. Load ROM file and save it on a memory card.It is important to bear in mind that the name can only consist of letters and tsifirnogo designation, and the file must be located in a ZIP archive.
  2. Then disconnect the power from the mobile gadget and computer.
  3. turn off the machine and activate the recovery mode.
  4. then find from the menu option «Wipe», to completely remove the current system information.
  5. Then return to the root menu and go to the section «Install ZIP from sdcard» or «Flash ZIP from SD Card».
  6. find the ROM-Fi firmware, which is in the archive.
  7. Follow the instructions to confirm its activation.
  8. expected.If, during the reinstallation Android version there are no errors, and system alerts, while the process was successful.
  9. Restarting the gadget via the function «Reboot system now» at the root menu.
  10. Done!

Thus, we have considered the main features of the process of replacing the software on devices with Android platform.Pay attention to detail and use gadgets comfortably.