How to flash the modem MegaFon

Company "Megafon" is constantly expanding its capabilities and now offers customers a feature-rich 3G-modems, which are programmed to work only with SIM-cards of the mobile operator.If the user will need to rearrange the SIM-card Beeline and MTS, then it is necessary to change the set parameters in the modem "MegaFon".This process allows you to deactivate the current software.

popularity of 3G modem "MegaFon»

company took a strong leadership position in the segment of mobile modems, which provide a seamless connection to the Internet at any time.The most popular models of 3G modem - E1550, E352, E173.Each model features an ergonomic design, as well as the speed of receiving data up to 14.4 Mbit / s.The developer has provided maximum convenience for customers.

How to flash the modem MegaFon

To get started, users will not have to configure anything, sinceall the preliminary settings for access to the Internet are already configured in the modem.Connecting to a PC, the system will program the necessary software for further use.

The customer will be able to freely access to the network and monitor statistics - the volume of downloaded information with the connection and the connection time.

Fast flashing modem MegaFon

Flashing modem - a fairly simple process.

To get started you need to prepare such materials at hand:

  • 3G modem;
  • laptop or PC;
  • software for the specific model of the gadget.

How to flash the modem MegaFon

Instructions successful insertion device includes the following steps:

  1. Initially, you need to download from the official website of the service provider program "MegaFon-Internet."
  2. also need to install a modulator-demodulator firmware: the original firmware version Huawei, an application to generate passwords IMEI specific device model and software for connecting Manager.
  3. Then you need to write off the existing code on the modem megaphone.This process is performed by pressing the «CALC».
  4. After pressing this button will display a message of this kind: Flashing: «66727188» and Unlocking: «37009466».Select the 1st option.
  5. Then select the downloaded file from the official resource flashing and run it.The system will ask for FLASH-password, which will generate a program for passwords IMEI.
  6. When the system completes the installation, you must remove the modem from the PC slot and connect it again.This preparatory work has been completed.

begin to install a modulator-demodulator:

  1. paramount need to make firmware Manager-connect a 3G modem (Dashboard).This action is performed by the file «Mobile_phone_RePartner_dashboard.exe».
  2. then install the program to work with the modem Huawei Mobile Partner, which can be downloaded from the official resource.
  3. Activate it and follow the simple instructions on how to reinstall the software version.
  4. Reboot the modem and computer, and then assess the quality of the new firmware.

How to flash the modem MegaFon

Important!Before you begin, you must disable all programs on your PC, close your browser.It is also strictly prohibited to turn off the computer during the upgrade version of the software modem.

modem firmware for all Sims

mobile operator MegaFon blocks (lochit) modems, which makes it impossible to use on your device SIM cards of other operators such as MTS and Beeline.However, people are inquiring mind found a way that will unlock the modem effortlessly.

So workflow necessary to prepare the following:

  • broaching download file;
  • software for flashing devaysa;
  • calculator set passwords on IMEI.

How to flash the modem MegaFon

Important!Any manipulation of razlochivaniyu software on the modem may only be recovered at the SIM-card.

For firmware necessary to make such steps:

  1. download software for your model devaysa link.
  2. Run the installed files and enter the password that you want to generate a password on the calculator IMEI (pass by reference).
  3. Then run the program by flashing software.
  4. Enter «Unlock Password» and confirm the action by pressing "OK".
  5. Done!

After the abovementioned actions, we reboot the modem and check the efficiency of the device.