How to flash the modem MTS

MTS constantly expanding the range of provided services and today is a leader in the field of manufacture of USB-modems.Despite their advantages, these devices are programmed to recognize only simok from that provider communication.However, users can rectify the situation by razlochivaniya modem.

How to "cheat" on the MTS modem and use any SIM cards

vast majority of USB-routers, which delivers mobile operator MTS, manufactured by Huawei.These are models of gadgets like E171, E173, E367.However, when you try to use SIM-card of another mobile provider recognition program PIN-code will request a special unlock code.Knowing this combination, the user can "trick" the device.

Choose the correct code will enable the simple tools that are freely available on the Internet network.Many users tend to be afraid to take risks and implement razlochivanie router itself, and therefore carry the device in repair centers mobile gadgets where this procedure perform exactly the same program.Knowing the instructions t

o unlock the code, all you can do yourself.

How to flash the modem MTS

So, razlochivaniya Nuawei E171, E173, E367 is necessary to make such manipulation:

  1. download from the network any utility calculator IMEI code for modems, for example, V4mpire_unlocker, Huawei Modem Unlocker or Calculadora_Huawei.
  2. Run the program and generate code that will be recognized by the modem.
  3. After entering the PIN-code razlochivaniya user will be able to put any SIM cards.As a rule, yusb modem allows you to use up to 10 different cards, so each will need to be unlocked separately.

Important!Since sewn program for 3G modems MTS automatically store operator during the first connection to a PC, the user needs to create another profile.It will contain the settings you have chosen mobile service provider (they can be found on the official website of the operator).Create a new profile can be in the appropriate menu "Profile Management."

modem firmware MTS: step by step instructions

If the previous method does not give the desired result, you must perform a series of actions to complete the firmware 3G modem.After this operation the device will recognize the SIM card all operators - Beeline, Megafon, and so on. A user can choose the most favorable tariff for the use of wireless Internet services.

How to flash the modem MTS

So, step by step guide includes a number of actions:

  1. first step is to download a program called «DC-Unlocker."It is freely available on any tracker or software portal.
  2. then be inserted in the router USB-SIM card from another operator and activate the software installation MTS modem.
  3. Once the installation process is complete, you must enter your password from the card (4 digits) and wait for a response.
  4. The system will ask you to enter the code (16 digits) that you can skip it and close the program.
  5. then need to activate the set "build" utility «DC-Unlocker."The system will open a menu in which you need to click on the field «Select manufacturer», then click «ZTE datacards».
  6. In the window «Select Model» select «Autodetect».
  7. To flash USB modem MTS will need to click on an icon with a magnifying loupe, which will launch a search for the required parameters.
  8. After a few minutes the program will determine your device.You will need to wait a little longer, until the status lights «Locked».
  9. To remove the lock need to click «Unlocking», then click «Unlock».
  10. Done!

How to flash the modem MTS

Now the user can use the SIM-card of any operator and perfect use profitable traffic.As you can see, unlock Nuawei 3G modem - a simple and convenient, if you know how to perform it.