How to flash the phone

Often, users of mobile gadgets are faced with a situation where the newly acquired mobile phone is not so perfect as it appeared in the window.Typical manifestations of problems significantly slow down the machine, and sometimes makes it impossible altogether.However, as it did not conduct itself gadget, almost always, these flaws can be removed, to flash his new software.

How to flash the phone: the reasons for the update

phone firmware is needed in cases where you experience the following symptoms:

  • hang for no reason;
  • spontaneous off the device;
  • slow response to commands;
  • inability to set the desired ringtone;
  • unstable operation of Android applications;
  • spontaneous return to the default settings.

How to flash the phone

This is the most obvious indicator that signals that it is not a failure of the telephone, and in the failure of software software.In such cases it is necessary to make re-flash the phone.In addition to correcting the above problems, the software update will bring a number of useful changes.

For example, an increase in functional gadget, which is achieved thanks to the constant updating of Android firmware versions and introducing new options, possibilities.

How to flash Nokia

Methods flashing phone may vary depending on the model and operating system.The most popular method to update the software on Nokia is its firmware via the utility Phoenix.

So, to reinstall the software version on your phone Nokia, you must prepare the following:

  • cable USB;
  • downloaded program Phoenix Service Software;
  • suitable version of the OS for Nokia;
  • own gadget and computer.

How to flash the phone

procedure for flashing Nokia cell phone is made in the following sequence:

  1. first step is to disconnect all USB-devices operating to avoid a conflict with the program Phoenix.
  2. further includes phone and choose the mode OVI / PC Suite.Download the drivers for the proposed cable USB.
  3. Then you need to run the Phoenix.This should be done not in the normal user mode and log in as an administrator.
  4. In the menu «Connections» you need to select the port USB, which you connect the gadget.
  5. When the menu «File» should click on the button «Scan Product», to be able to read information on the Nokia.
  6. look at the status bar.There should display information about your mobile phone, which indicates that a connection to a PC gadget.
  7. Then select the menu firmware «Flashing» option «Firmware Update».
  8. system will automatically select the appropriate version for flashing the OS.If it does not, then the code for this product there is no flash and it will need to find yourself in a network or select another code by pressing "" ... ".
  9. To start the update process you need to click «Update Software».It is important not to disconnect the phone and Nokia PC off.
  10. system will process a request for a few minutes.
  11. At the end of flashing notification appears with the text «Firmware updating succeded.»
  12. Disconnect the mobile gadget and turn it.
  13. Done!

remains only to check the OS version, dial * # 0000 #.

How to flash the phone Samsung

Firmware Samsung mobile gadget is also carried out with the help of special software, but the process is quite simple and quite feasible for self-development.

So you need to prepare for the following:

  • own mobile gadget based on Android;
  • Download software Odin;
  • USB cable to connect your phone to the PC;
  • driver installation;
  • firmware Samsung.

How to flash the phone

Step by step guide includes a number of actions:

  1. first step is to connect the Samsung mobile device to a computer using the installation drivers.It usually comes with your phone.Also, the file can be downloaded from the official website of Samsung.
  2. then the file must be set to flash to the expansion of OPS.It is freely available and easy to download software or sharing portal.
  3. Getting procedure.Click on the phone simultaneously the «Home» + «Power» + «Volume minus".
  4. screen gadget appears Downloading, which means that you Samsung is in the process of flashing.
  5. connect your phone to a PC via a cable USB.
  6. Run Utilities downloads Odin.In the main menu, there is an inscription «Select OPS» and click on the button «OPS», which is located underneath.
  7. Specify the path to the location of the phone firmware file.
  8. then click on «Start» and wait until the system will update the software.
  9. The screen will display «PASS», which signals the successful completion of the firmware of your gadget.
  10. Done.

evaluate new phone capabilities Samsung.

How to flash through Flashtool

program Sp Flash Tool - a universal system product that is designed to flash devices on the platform Android, which operate with chips Mediatek (MTK).With it full control of the basic and advanced features of the gadget.

How to flash the phone

Step by Step flashing is as follows:

  1. first step is to download the application from the official website SP Flashtool.
  2. then turn off the smartphone and launch the control panel in the "Device Manager."
  3. We connect the phone to shut down the computer and wait for the update manager.Once it displays an unknown device is necessary to quickly click the right mouse button and select "Update Driver."
  4. Then click "Install driver from a specific location", which specifies the path to the location of the unpacked archive.Start the driver installation.
  5. Turn off your mobile gadget from your PC.
  6. Next, run the utility Flashtool.In the menu that appears, specify the path to scatter File, which is in the folder with the firmware and click «Scatter Loading».
  7. sure to put a check on the line Preloader option and click on the «Download».
  8. connect your mobile phone to your PC.I should start the process of flashing.If the action does not take place, then remove the USB cable and plug it again.
  9. wait until the yellow bar reaches the end.Then you can close the program Flashtool and disconnect the device.
  10. At the end turn on the phone and evaluate the quality of the new firmware.

Thus, we have considered the most simple and detailed instructions for flashing gadgets - Nokia, Samsung and general guidance for the rest of Android smartphones.