C April 28 to May 11, 2014, we, together with an online store Lamoda.ru held a fashion contest "Pick up the perfect dress to accessories."

contest page http://strana-sovetov.com/konkurs-s-lamoda

It was very difficult to choose a winner!

But after a lot of meetings, the jury is pleased to present you the perfect dress that sent Mary phodopu-*****us@rambler.ru

dress is simple, concise, and it was good: it was among the accessories is bright scarf!

Maria, congratulations - a green dress from the collection of your Lamania!

second place the jury decided to give Tatiana Tatiana tu-eps*****@yandex.ru

very creatively approached the case - and sent us beautiful collages!

Tatiana became the owner of an elegant golden clutch by Eleganzza.

very pleased that the competition decided to take part, and representatives of the strong half of humanity!

Here he wrote Maxim volo*****@mail.ru

"I'm a guy, but I want to make her mad favorite gift and show her" I won a good fellow, win competitions. "In

fashion I am not strong, but openedcatalog Lamoda - he inspired. And he gathered here a bow. "(C)

Maybe this option and does not meet the classical canons of fashion, but what Maxim spodvigla to participate love - worthy of praise!

Maxim - Charming clutch of Eleganzza yours!

Thank you all for your active participation!