C June 19 to July 1, our partners female Allwomens.ru online magazine together with "Constellation of Beauty" is holding a contest "Meet the updated summer!", Which played 3 devices for skin care and 10 bonus cards1000 rubles on the account.

contest page http://www.allwomens.ru/sozvezdie_krasoty.html

We are pleased to announce the winners of "Meet the updated summer", which we carried out together with the company "Constellation of Beauty»

Our readers proved a real beauty!

first place and Darsonval for face, body and hair Gezatone Biolift4118 jury awarded beautiful Renate mailto: ren. **** Anowa@yandex.ru

second place and Apparatus for face cleansing and skin care productsClean & amp; Beauty Gezatone AMG108 sent Zhenne (keep the author's signature) ****k200815@rambler.ru for its really old collage.

third place and massager for face and body Gezatone «Light therapy and magnets» receives a gift of a young mother of Arthur artur26.0****@rambler.ru of family love and juicy fruit!

and bonus cards "Constellation of Beauty" from 1 000 rubles on the account receive:

  1. Lyudmila ****sovsk@ngs.ru
  2. Alain ****_84_ves@mail.ru
  3. Lena ****martsenyuk@yandex.ru
  4. Jan ****a92@mail.ru
  5. Vic ****l-Fox@yandex.ru
  6. Lenochka89
  7. Kitten ****e_kitten@bk.ru
  8. Valery ****anskoe.radio@mail.ru
  9. Yulia ****chka.zolotareva.2015@mail.ru
  10. Maria ****a.saa@yandex.ru

Congratulations to the winners!

Information about company "Constellation of Beauty»

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