Connecting to your phone monopod

popularity of self-shooting increases every year, so the manufacturers have come up with for her many accessories.One of the most useful to record yourself a monopod (stick to self).Let's see how to connect the device to your phone and customize.

Species sticks self

But first, let's talk about the different types monopod.The design sticks to elemental Self: at one end is fixed phone, on the other there is a button for shooting.In some models, the button is not on the device itself, and in a separate console that comes in the kit.

Connecting to your phone monopod

By type of phone connection to these devices are divided into Bluetoth-compound and the wire.

Connecting to your phone monopod

How to connect the self-stick to the phone

To connect a Bluetooth-monopod to the phone on any mobile platform (Android, IOS, Windows Phone), follow these steps:

  • Enable monopod
  • go into the settingsFind phone
  • section Bluetooth
  • Run "search devices"
  • When the phone finds a monopod, connect with him

Mates smartphones and self-sticks using wires going even easier.

Just insert one end of the wire into the connector on the monopod, and the second - in the audio jack of the phone.

Connecting to your phone monopod

What if your smartphone does not work with monopod

Often the problem arises, when you press the shutter button on the self-stick or on a separate remote nothing happens on your phone or turn on the function Zoom.In such cases, do not need to run to take the unit back to the store.That all worked correctly, you must reassign the button functions of the phone.With the help of standard tools of the system to do it does not always work, so you should use third-party programs.


device owner on green robot should pay attention to the application Camera FV / 5, SelphieShop Camera, The Cellfie.These programs can be purchased at Play Market for free.

Program Camera FV / 5 should go to the General settings section and select the "Options volume keys" to assign to them the necessary actions.The program SelfiShop Camera can not configure anything.Volume keys automatically have a shutter function to work with self-stick.The program The Cellfie shutter function as originally installed on the volume button.

Connecting to your phone monopod

Of these applications, The Cellfie is the most convenient.Its functionality is much broader than any regular camera application in phones on Android, so it can be used not only for self but for standard shooting.


If self stick is not connected or does not work in conjunction with the iPhone, you can download in the App Store third-party program BT Shutter.With it you will not only use the self capture using the volume keys, but apply different effects to your photos.

Connecting to your phone monopod

Windows Phone

Until recently, the standard application to take pictures in Windows Phone is not supported accessories for self shooting.A monopod is simply not connected to the phone, and users had to download third-party applications to use self stick.But recently, this function is finally.Now the firmware application Lumia Camera recognizes connected to the phone "stick."

party programs to monopod in the store Windows yet.However, given the growing popularity of these devices, their appearance is a matter of time.

Why self-stick is not connected: Tips

  • If monopod is not connected to the phone, you may want to turn off Bluetooth, turn it on again and try again to establish a connection with the device.
  • self-stick is not able to work simultaneously with two phones, so the connection to the monopod to a new phone, you must first break the old connection.
  • monopod design does not allow them to build in a large volume of batteries, so the time of continuous operation is rarely more than one hour.Therefore, do not forget to turn off the self-stick when not in use.

Connecting to your phone monopod