Warning contest!

allWomens.ru Women's Magazine in conjunction with the brand makeup Limoni spends summer competition "to unravel the secret Limoni»!

Do not miss the opportunity to participate and compete for the great, and most importantly, useful for your beauty prizes.

Who can participate and win a prize?Anyone.

How to compete for the prize?Answer a few questions about the products and brands Limoni.

not promise that will be quite easy to win, otherwise the competition was dull and uninteresting.However, the prizes are worth 5 sets of decorative cosmetics Limoni, as well as a discount of 500 rubles for all participants of a promotional code allwomens *

Hurry up to participate!

Detailed conditions of the tender and information about prizes here.

* discount for orders of 2000

Limoni - decorative cosmetics from Italy in the most popular in Russia, the average price segment mass market, was presented to a broad professional community at the international exhibition «InterCharm-2005".In the R

ussian market the brand is the exclusive representative of "lemons".

line of decorative cosmetics Limoni includes more than 200 names.The range and color best suited to the preferences of Russian women in cosmetics.Mark Limoni is in the process of development of new products each year are represented in the exhibition Intercharm.

Professional brush Limoni presented full collection of five separate instances and make-up of 60 items, and set Limoni Professional Brushes for nails for nail art and nail care products daily.Brushes Limoni - a rare combination of natural materials (pile of Tibetan goat, sable, pony proteins), high-quality synthetics, stylish design and ergonomics.

All the products of the Italian manufacturer Limoni certified, tested for safety and meets the quality standards of the European Community.Cosmetics Limoni made at the best factories in Italy.This takes into account both existing in the country tradition and the modern world experience in the field of decorative cosmetics.