Всероссийский благотворительный проект "Я лечу"

largest online store for clothes, shoes and accessories for women and Lamoda online magazine Woman's Day opened a joint charity project in support of the fund "Give Life".

journalists, representatives of brands, movie stars and singers gathered May 29 in the gallery Royal Studio in Malaya Ordynka to paint T-shirts.Their task was to come up with a bright and vivacious print, so that then, in September, saw the site a top Lamoda you wanted to buy it.All proceeds from the sale of T-shirts Lamoda send to the fund "Give Life" to help seriously ill children.

Shirts Lamoda

campaign called # YaLechu received support from the stars, among which was a huge number of artists!Thus, for example, impressed by the work of the third graduate "Voices" Pierre Edel and lamb from "The Little Prince" presenter Regina Männik moved to tears.Also, their works gave themselves wards fund "Give Life".

now to create the collection can attach the hand of every Internet user, take part in competitions.Within two months, will be made sketc

hes - ideas for the t-shirt design.Among the most popular works of the organizers will select the ten drawings that appear in September in the collection.

authors of three of the most interesting options will be presented with computers Acer Aspire E11