As the tube moves in pregnant women?

Pregnancy - the most important period in the life of every woman and childbirth - a long-awaited result. However, during the first 9 months of waiting childbirth expectant mother is experiencing not only positive emotions, but also lightweight, stress and even fear . After the birth of a child can not undergo the same for all women. But in any case , you need to be ready to leave, and know what signs indicate that they are approaching fast . One of these signs is a discharge of traffic jams.

What role does the cork?
Cork began to form in the first days of pregnancy. It is formed from the cervical mucus , which is produced in the process of ovulation. Over time, it becomes more dense clumps , which aims to close the cervix to the uterus to provide protection against infections and pathogens.

Shortly before the birth of the long-awaited crumbs mucus plug coming off. Just say when it will happen in a particular case can not be . Some women begin to give birth after only a few hours after the discharge of cork,
for others it takes 2-3 weeks before delivery. But in any case, it means that the body starts to prepare for the event.

During the process before delivery
The process resembles the way a discharge cork slimy mass from the vagina. As a rule, it is white-yellow ( beige , pink ) colors , sometimes with bloody patches , as possible rupture of small capillaries. Most tube clean and clear.

Passage of traffic jams usually happens during the morning taking a shower or going to the toilet . Therefore, a woman can not always see it , but feel it. Worry about it not worth it, unless of course , after the stopper expectant mother not recovered water , which happens quite often. In this case you need to call an ambulance because delivery can be rapid .

Discharge of mucus plug may occur in small parts or completely.

You should know that cork, though it is considered a clear harbinger of sorts, in due time is best to go to the hospital , because it can move even as labor. In this regard, not all women given her to observe the process of divergence .

What should you do if you walked cork?
  1. It is not recommended to leave or go far from home.
  2. Make sure that everything is ready for a trip to the maternity hospital.
  3. Warn your family (husband, mother and so on.).
Call an ambulance if the water broke or began severe pain , bleeding and so forth . In the presence of secretions with a large admixture of blood scarlet as important as soon as possible go to the hospital . If possible, better to go to the hospital by car ( as a passenger , since the ride behind the wheel in such a condition may not be safe ), and thus call for an ambulance , that physicians can prepare to receive the patient.

Be sure to consult your gynecologist if the tube moved in a couple of weeks or more before the expected date of delivery, especially in the presence of concomitant bleeding, pain, and so forth.

The norm is if the mucus plug without bleeding.