How do you know that will soon give birth?

Many women worry that they can not correctly identify the onset of labor . Indeed, this point is important to guess : it is necessary to have time to prepare for childbirth , tune mentally and physically for the upcoming event , to withstand a lot of stress . You will need to prepare things for the trip to the hospital to collect the documents necessary hygiene items . It is time to call doctors to not pose a threat to their health , life, baby.

Often young expectant mothers think they can skip this unique moment in time to miss the start of labor. In fact, experts say that the real birth pains confused with preparatory almost impossible. In addition, approaching childbirth have a lot of features. Some are widespread, some symptoms characteristic of particular groups of women. Even expectant mother who is preparing to leave for the first time, to easily be able to determine the precise moment when the child is about to be born. How do you know that will soon give birth? Monitor your condition, pay attentio
n to any changes. Remember a few basic signs, follow the recommendations. Then you will soon learn that the birth is near, you will be able to properly prepare for it.

How to distinguish a preliminary bout of the clan?
Most women are concerned about the similarity of sensations during the so -called " training " fights with the signs of the approaching birth, about which they have read many times in different sources , have heard from friends. Of course, the preliminary fights a bit like prenatal , but confusion with them is still very difficult. Any woman giving birth is not the first time, it will not be confused by this behavior of the uterus. Learn to distinguish between the preliminary bout of the clan .
  • When passed 38 weeks of pregnancy, can begin training bout.
  • Preliminary fights much less painful than childbirth.
  • An important feature of training bouts - monotony.
  • The intensity of the preliminary fights not increase.
  • Most often, the so-called "false labor" rather quickly terminated, and the woman feels good again.
Learn to cope with the discomfort during the preliminary bouts. Change your posture , walk around the room . You can try to distract : read a book , listen to your favorite music or watch a movie . You stop worrying , forget about the pain and struggle will have time to pass.

Signs of labor contractions
signs of labor contractionssigns of labor contractionsForerunners appearance baby born - the birth pangs.
  1. The regularity.The birth pangs of different regularity.
  2. Increase intensity.Contractions before birth is gradually increasing, becoming more intense, heavy.
  3. Pain.Labor pain much more painful training.
  4. The tone of the uterus.At the present state of uterine contractions can be easily identified if you just put a hand on her stomach.
  5. Increased contractions just before birth.Gradually the contractions become more intense. When the battle lasts about a minute , and the interval between contractions have declined 3-5 minutes , it's time to go to the hospital or call the midwife at home, if you choose to give birth at home.
Pay attention! When strong, frequent and painful birth pangs of a sudden stop, an urgent need to see a doctor . This may be a sign of a weak labor activity. Even in the absence of contractions experts will help the baby to be born , the mother will maintain the health of the young .

Preparation for childbirth and behavior during labor.
Behave properly during labor as possible to facilitate their state, to prepare well for the upcoming easy job.
  • Calm.Try to calm down and relax completely.
  • Positive attitude.Tune in to the coming generations, support a confidence in the successful outcome.
  • Relax.During labor you need to completely relax, do not pinch, do not strain your muscles.
  • Proper breathing.Breathe deeply when you feel the approach of pain.
  • The position of the body.During fights better to stand with his back to the wall, the back of the chair.
  • Massage.It will help ease the condition light massage waist.
Remember the advice that your preparation for childbirth went well.

Signs of approaching childbirth
approaching childbirthapproaching childbirthYou can understand that deliveries will begin soon, not only by the nature of combat.
  1. Preliminary fights.When childbirth is near to them a few days left, appearing regularly preliminary bout.
  2. Discomfort in the hip.When a woman bears a child 35 weeks, there may be discomfort in the pelvic area, the thighs.
  3. Pulls in the lower abdomen.Ligaments stretch before delivery all stronger, so women may feel uncomfortable sipping stomach.
  4. Aching.Pubic bones gradually diverge.
  5. Stomach sank.Before birth falls stomach.
  6. Water broke.Just before the birth water breaks . It is advisable to pay attention to the color , texture , smell, then to tell the doctor everything . Sometimes water waste directly during labor . It is important to remember that immediately after the withdrawal of water is necessary to see a doctor since birth has already begun.
  7. Labor pains.Symptom imminent birth of a baby - frequent, regular, painful contractions.
  8. Loose stools, frequent urination.Sometimes, women are starting to go to the toilet more often when approaching childbirth.
  9. Chills.Some expectant mothers before birth shivering.
  10. Increased activity.It is significant that many women before delivery become more active.
Follow your state.