How to do home accounts?

In order not to wrestle with the question of where the money goes , and effectively save , you need to conduct home accounting . This can be done in different ways : to record expenses and revenues in a notebook , and then summarize or use special computer programs. The main thing - do it regularly , continuously fixing their spending . Keeping personal finance can not only organize the costs and find out what it takes the lion's share of the family budget , but also to teach the order in financial affairs .


The right approach
I must say that the idea of ​​keeping records of household expenditure is not new. Even our grandmothers and great-grandmother were home ledgers, which recorded all of their waste: household expenses, utilities, and other large purchases. And it really helps you organize family expenses and properly distributed. And if the method of time-tested and established itself at its best, why not use it today? That is exactly what developers think of modern computer programs and created a lot
of free and paid services to conduct home accounting. However, many people are concerned about the issue of what data they are entered into the program, can be stolen by hackers and used in some criminal purposes, or the program simply can fail, and all information will be lost. So what's safer: notebook, the backend Excel, home programs or online services? Consider each option and determine its strengths and weaknesses.

Simply does not happen
If you do not want to use modern programs can apply grandmother method, which is quite relevant today. Keep a notebook or just a notebook, better if the notebook is lined will (or cell). Divide each sheet adjustment into two columns: "income" and "expenses" and to record all received and the amount spent. At the end of the month will have to view the recording, calculator, make a calculation. Ideally, you should glue all receipts for purchases. Then the picture of the costs will be crisp and clear, and analyzed their records, it will be possible to adjust costs and determine the unreasonable spending, which could have been avoided. Agree, all is simple enough. However, there are also disadvantages: for calculations and analysis will have to spend a few hours and to track the ratio of income and expenses in real-time with this account is almost impossible.

True to Excel
An alternative to the prosaic notebook may become known to all table Excel. However, unlike the notebooks home, the table can be modeled so that you feel comfortable to use it, for example, you can specify any number of categories of expenditure (or income), and use the automatic calculation of the amounts charts that clearly show a picture of the costs or use more complex calculation formulas. This treatment is far more functional than a notebook, which have to keep on hand. In addition, Excel files are opened and on Windows, and on Linux, and Mac OS. And with mobile devices, they are quite compatible. And, of course, no one except you will not be able to use the data contained in the files. But this method has drawbacks. These include the difficulty and sometimes impossibility of setting a specific functionality, which can include, for example, the account bank balances, keeping multicurrency accounts or accounting rate on the loan. If you are interested in just such a complex accounting, or you control the cost of several members of the family, it is best to take advantage of modern computer software and services.

In step with the times
Properly maintain home bookkeeping help computer programs and online services, which are now a lot on the Internet.
  • Software for PC (for example, the application "home finances" MuMoneu, MoneyTracker, Family 10, "Home Bookkeeping"). Speaking of the basic functionality, all these programs are constructed more or less the same: there are records of income, expenses, reduction of balance, daily expenses by category and so on. How do they differ? Usually interface. In addition, there are free and paid applications. Interesting and functional, some programs using the virtual keyboard and mathematical formulas. With them is convenient to work and reports in the form of visual diagrams illustrate perfectly the financial picture. As for specific programs, there should be noted the toll the program "Home Bookkeeping" (she, by the way, there is a free version), licensed to cost about 500 rubles a year (per PC). It differs in that automatically loads the data on exchange rates from the network and converts your income earned in different currencies into a single equivalent. By the way, when you reinstall the operating system, all of these programs are exported to Excel-file.
  • Online services. The main convenience of online service (including the most famous "My Mind On My", "Where is the money?" "Four envelope», HomeMoney) is that by using it, you are not tied to a particular computer and can access their data at any time, from any device connected to the Internet, from anywhere in the world where there is a network. It appeals to those who want to always be able to use the service, for example, while at work or on a business trip. Such services, as well as the program can be free and paid. For example, the paid version of modern and multifunctional service cost an average of 500-700 rubles a year. And to use such a service can be both through the browser, and through client base (if you install on your PC a special program). This service allows you to not only make all kinds of data, but also to receive sms information about the balance of payments.

Foundations of Computer Security
Deciding to use to account for household expenditure and control of the bank accounts of the personal computer, it is necessary to think about security. This applies, of course, mostly those contributing to the program, not only economic costs, but also keeps records of funds in foreign currency accounts, expenditure plans, and set reminders about regular payments. In this case, it is sure to take care not to lose all the data resulting from the failure of the program or hacking. How to do it? To begin with, you need to install a good antivirus on your computer, make backups (or program files) and store them on an external hard drive or flash drive appropriate. These measures can protect an Excel file and the software that is installed on your PC to conduct home accounting. Also, you need to set a password that will protect access to a file or program, and name the file unremarkable name, which has nothing to do with finances.

As for the online services , then there need to know that the entire responsibility for the safety of the information are the owners of the server. Of course, this does not mean that you do not need antivirus, password , or backups. All this should be , but other than that , it is important to remember that in any case it is impossible:
  • indicate their real personal data;
  • names;
  • account numbers.

The fact is that even the modern security systems can not guarantee complete safety information.

1C in the service of personal finance
Everyone has heard of the accounting program 1C, but not everyone knows that it can be useful not only in the enterprise, but also at home. How to conduct home accounting in 1C? Of course, specifically to learn to use this program to keep records of purchases and household utility bills, it makes no sense. But if you use this work program, by the configuration of "1C Money" (it is in the system "1C"), you can keep track of costs, non-cash balance and cash income, making these loans, securities exchange currencies. In addition, it is possible to set up recurring payments, printing reports, and set specific financial goals.

So, you can carry home accounts in different ways, but most importantly - do it regularly and accurately, regardless of which tool you choose.