How to learn to save the family budget?

As the wisdom of one , I do not remember who said it does not matter how much money you earn , the main thing you have to spend . This means that no matter how much you did not earn , if this money is being spent recklessly , then they never will not be missed. Situation where to paycheck is not enough money and have to withdraw from the credit card or request a loan from friends , familiar to many . But it is absolutely not typical for people who know how to save the family budget . Learning this , anyone can .


The basic rules of family savings
Whatever the family budget, it can and should be planned so as to have enough money for everything you need and there was some amount that can be deferred for the purchase of large items, leisure, education of children, etc.

Family savings , like any other , requires careful planning . Knowing how much money will go to the family budget during the month , make a detailed list of mandatory spending : how much money you spend on food , things essentials, utilities, pay
for kindergarten. It should be as exact figures , based on a clear knowledge of how , for example , your family spends per month on the purchase of meat, bread, milk , hygiene , how much to pay for public services , etc.

You will see that is a decent amount . It is important to properly dispose of it . Be sure to highlight that part of the funds to be put into the account. This should be done necessarily . But not on a "black day" , and based on the payment of expensive purchases , recreation, treatment , study .

And then the rest of the amount can be spent on what is most necessary at the moment family members.

The main "enemies" of the family economy
You can not learn to save the family budget, being unfree.

Understand how you are dependent in terms of expenditure imposed by standards , it is quite simple : the more you practice without serious consequences of the plan spending family funds , the freer you are from outside influence . If you month after month manage to spend money only on what was originally planned, you can consider yourself completely independent.

Conversely, if in addition to planned purchases or instead you go to buy something that was not originally planned , and that is not very necessary , and your family , we can say that you do not have enough autonomy and independence in making decisions about the expenditure of the family budget. In this case, learn to save it will be very difficult.

We can not ignore the psychological component in spending the money earned.

Do not plan on going to the store on payday . Bring the money home . Look in the plan drawn up for the month . First of all set aside the amount to fill up your bank account. Set aside the mandatory amount to the household expenses . The remaining money can be spent on something useful for your home or someone from the family members.

Make it a rule to buy in the store only for what you have gone . At first, very helpful shopping list. Even if we are talking about one or two . Seeing in front of the exact name that you need to buy in the supermarket, you will be easier to keep from overspending . Going to the store , never take the extra money - do not expose yourself to unnecessary temptation .

Advertising - the engine of sales, and an enemy of gullible buyers. Do not fall for the bait . If the store is tempting smells of freshly baked bread and smoked sausage , it does not mean that the fragrance exudes a fresh bread of high quality flour and tasty sausage . Smell chemical sprays, which are widely used in all departments of large stores . Do not let yourself be fooled ! Do not buy what you do not need .

Even more sophisticated is advertising of industrial goods and clothing. All sorts of brands often offer us things of poor quality, which quickly lose their original form , are forced to buy new clothes . Therefore, in the purchase of such things preference should be given not so much a trend as the quality and practicality.

In your power to eliminate unnecessary spending, committed to the joy of retailers and manufacturers . Instead , self-confident , you can learn to save the family budget , and your help in this sense and strict adherence to planning .