How often to change the diaper a newborn?

Newborn care - is not an easy task . Swim perepelenat , feed , walk and play - it seems daily to-do list of a young mother goes on . But until recently, it was still necessary , and regularly wash diapers . How wonderful that mankind headed by the American chemist Victor Mills , invented a diaper . This saving thing , saw the light in the distant 50 - ies of XX century and perfected over decades makes life easier for young parents .

However, the coin has another side.

Change diapers in time - the first week of life baby!
The neonatal period lasts for the first 28 days of life toddler . In the early neonatal period ( from 1 to 7 days of baby's life ) the children are with their mothers in the maternity hospital . This is what accounts for the release of the body from the original stool or meconium . It is a viscous substance , a particular color , which is very difficult to wash off . That is why in the neonatal period is very important to use diapers .

So, your baby was born ! In the first days after birth t
he newborn body active is released from all that he managed to accumulate in the womb. During this period it is important to carefully monitor the baby's hygiene . Check the diaper crumbs of not less than 1 time per hour. If the baby was released from meconium , carefully remove the diaper , wash your ass and genitals of baby soap and then put on a new diaper .

Out of meconium account for 1-5 days after birth.

It is important!
Diapers for a newborn or are labeled NB Newborn. They are intended for toddlers weighing from 2 to 5 kg. When choosing a first pay attention to the diapers: absorption, adjustable elastic band on the girdle models cuff protecting the crumbs from possible leaks. Many manufacturers equip diapers so-called stripes-indicators, informs parents about the presence of a "surprise" in the pants of the kid. These strips are particularly useful at first, but when the child was born. Subsequently, the mother experienced the fullness of the diaper define "by eye".

Different kids fit different models of diapers. If you notice that your crumbs skin irritation appear , and you change a diaper on a regular basis , then you should try another brand model . Unfortunately, not all children are equally responsive to diapers, and even advertised model can cause diaper rash on the delicate skin of the baby.

Change the diaper on the second to fourth weeks of life the newborn!
In the first month of life the baby urinates up to 20 times a day. Pediatricians recommend changing diapers as filling . If your diaper is equipped with the above - stripes indicators , you have to follow their color. If not - try to regularly check the surface of the diaper , and as soon as it becomes wet , immediately change the diaper . On average, it is believed that the substitution of the diaper should be not less than 1 times of 2-3 hours .

In the first month of life , " surprise baby " appears almost after each feeding . This is due to the release of a natural organism that feeds exclusively on breast milk. After each bowel movement a baby should be thoroughly cleaned skin and then change the diaper .

This is interesting!
Many mothers are concerned about whether or not to change a diaper at night. The unequivocal answer to this question is no . If your child feels good and sleeps peacefully throughout the night , it is best not to disturb the sleep crumbs . Stock up for the night safe diaper to the baby was " warm and fuzzy " . However, if the baby pokakal then podguzik should be replaced immediately .

Why do I need to frequently change a diaper?
The delicate skin of the crumbs in contact with bacteria and fecal incontinence, becomes annoying , which is fraught with the appearance of diaper rash , a rash and painful sores . To avoid these troubles , it is necessary to observe personal hygiene toddler regularly wash away the baby, use a cream for diaper , and most importantly - time to change diapers !