How to store winter tires?

The onset of spring and the steady increase in the temperature on the thermometer as the associated motorists with pleasant feelings that are now more likely it will be possible to travel along the roads free of ice and snow, and with the extra hassle. After all, you need to visit the tire and wheel change winter into summer, and then another and come up with where and how to store winter tires. This few people think, but the rubber also has retention rules. Properly stored tires retain their properties and characteristics inherent manufacturers for several years until complete wear.


Consider how to store winter tires and which must be categorically avoided in this case.
  1. Before removal, apply a mark on the wheel, according to their location on the vehicle: LP - front left, LZ - left rear, PP - PP and the right front - right rear.
  2. After removing the rubber it a must-wash to remove dirt and remnants of aggressive reagents, which remained on the tires after the winter season.
  3. Lower pressure in the tires to 1.0
    -1.5 atmospheres.
  4. Keep winter tires is recommended for dry, cool place.
  5. Tires are mounted on the discs may be stored either in a suspended state on hooks or stacked one on another wheel.
  6. Tires without disks can be stored in an upright position, turning them every month to prevent static deformation of rubber.
  7. Do not store tires outdoors.
  8. Winter tires must be protected from direct sunlight.
  9. Couples solvents, various types of fuel, lubricants may come into contact with the tires, so keeping them in the same room is not allowed.
  10. If the tires are packed in plastic bags , you do not need to tie them tightly , disrupting natural ventilation . Instead of packages , you can use special covers that are produced by some automakers in the form of an optional accessory.
  11. Desirably, the rubber was laid on a smooth wooden surface such as the pallet.

rubber retention rulesrubber retention rules

If you do not have suitable premises, you can use the services of a seasonal storage of tires tire in specialized centers that have appeared in many major cities.

Improper storage of winter tires can lead to a reduced service life of tires and change the physical properties of rubber, up to complete unsuitability for further use.