How to buy a used car?

Today, the car really is not a luxury but a means of transportation. That is why many people prefer to buy used cars. Buy a car with a hand can be much cheaper than a new one from the cabin. And, given the new order of registration of the vehicle, and even a lot easier. Changes in the order of registration of used cars have taken place two years ago and came into effect April 3, 2011, will greatly facilitate the lives of car owners, but completely shifting the responsibility for the renewal of the car to the buyer. In this article we will talk about how to properly arrange the purchase of a used car and avoid potential problems.


Who can buy a used car?
Everyone knows that second-hand car is called , which was already the owner and there is a certain mileage. But to buy such a machine can not only have the previous owner ( this, incidentally, is not a bad option ) , but also in showrooms that sell cars with mileage , and dealers.

Buying a used car in a motor show is not much different from buying a new car. A
s for the dealers , such a deal - the most unreliable option. And if something is bothering you , it is better to abandon the purchase . As the owner of the car, then everything is much easier , and if it is also your friend , you will have no problems at all. Consider a more detailed version of buying a used vehicle from the owner - an individual.

We sell a car without removing the machine from the register
Let's start with the fact that auto sales today, it is not necessary to remove from the account, and the sales contract can be formed without the participation of a notary.
  1. Download from our site sample sales contract and print in duplicate.
  2. Fill in the form of the contract ( by hand or on the computer ) by writing to all the necessary information about the seller , the buyer and the vehicle ( when filling out information about the car it is necessary to check the engine number with the data from TCP) .
  3. Sign the contract and get the money for the car.

Once all of these actions are performed , the car has a new owner who now has to re-register the car itself . To do this, he needs to apply to the contract , his passport and TCP traffic police MREO , where he will be made directly to reissue the certificate of registration of the vehicle. But before that you need to take out insurance .

Such a method is simple and convenient for the buyer and for the seller. But only if the buyer - a decent man (or acquaintance seller) and really will revise the machine itself. Otherwise, the name of the old owner will regularly come not only transport tax, but also all the penalties that will be processed by automated systems. Therefore, if you choose this method of selling the machine, it is necessary to exchange contact information and check renewal of the car (in theory the tax authority shall inform the former owner of the renewal of the car, but in reality it is rare and very late).

If the buyer is not designed machine itself after 30 days and does not contact, the seller may apply to the registration authority for termination of registration of the car, as the location of the car is unknown. The new owner is then able to recover the vehicle registration. You can go even further and remove the machine from the register, write it off to the scrap. This procedure is one-sided and thereafter restore the registration of the vehicle will be impossible. To apply for the termination of registration will require a passport (it has ascertained the identity of the applicant and confirmed that he is still the owner of the car).

We sell cars, removing it from the register
If the car is purchased on an ad, and the seller and the buyer - people outsiders to each other, it is better if the seller himself will remove the car from the account, please contact the traffic police, and provide the following documents:
  • your passport;
  • TCP;
  • certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • a notarized power of attorney (which is required if the machine account does not relieve the owner and his agent).

Traffic police check the car , look , if it is not listed in the hijacking , and will issue the necessary documents . As soon as the car will be removed from the register, it can be sold , making already known to us the sales contract . When selling the car in advance deregistration , the buyer simply no choice - he would have to put it on record , as the new owner. A seller in this case will rest easy knowing that he will not have to search quite a stranger , or pay for it , and tax penalties .

With or without a notary?
Although the new procedure allows the seller and the buyer make a contract of sale on their own, without the involvement of a notary , many still prefer to go to the notary office . Such a contract at the notary costs about 1,000 rubles , and will certify the transfer of the vehicle to the buyer , which, of course , will remove any questions about the payment of tax or fines by the previous owner , unless the buyer shall re car.

The procedure for registration of a used car bought
Now let's talk about the actions of the buyer - the new owner of the car - after the car removed from the register ( the seller or by the buyer ) . He is to issue purchase a used car , you need to contact the registration authority with the following documents :
  • his passport and driver's license;
  • TCP;
  • the contract of sale;
  • CTP policies (it is necessary to issue immediately after the transaction);
  • transit numbers (if any);
  • a copy of the cargo customs declaration (the document needed for cars exported from abroad);
  • a notarized power of attorney (if the vehicle is put on the account is not the owner and his agent);
  • Receipt of payment of state duty;
  • the application for registration (it inspector visiting the computer must put a mark).

When registering vehicles will be checked all the documents , and if the traffic police will not have any additional questions , a new owner will be issued a certificate of registration of the vehicle and state registration marks ( unless, of course , the buyer decided to leave the old numbers ) .

Do I need to transit numbers?
How to buy a used car?The law is now possible within five days to drive a car without license plates . Therefore , the seller can not receive transit number , if you believe that it will sell a car during this time . If the buyer plans to overtake the car in another state and there put on record , it is better to get transit numbers . They are valid twenty days . By the way, according to the new rules, the transit can not be extended . If the duration of the rooms is ended , and the machine is not placed on the account, they should be replaced with new ones , paying the state fee again .

License Plates: old or new?
Today, the law allows the seller to keep the old license plates and set them on a new car . To do this you need to write an application to the traffic police. But there is one condition: the numbers must be in good condition , not frayed , without additional holes ( allowed only staff ) , not dented and without chipping .

Buyer , buying a car, too, can keep the old numbers on the same conditions . An additional condition is the registration of the buyer and seller in the same region . In this state fee for rooms still have to pay .

Buying a used car: pay special attention to PTSD
Everyone knows that when you buy something you need to carefully study the documents . Purchase a used car is no exception. And the main document in this case - the passport of the vehicle. That it is possible to find all the information about the car. But when selling a used car owner can provide both the original and the duplicate title .

With original everything is clear: it is, it is possible to trace the history of the car, to find out who was the owner (in some cases is very important to the owner of the natural or legal person). And what about the duplicate? Should a duplicate alert the buyer? On the one hand - no, because TCP can result, lost, come into disrepair. In all these cases, the traffic police issued to the owner of the vehicle duplicate title. But on the other hand - there are crooks that a car located in the mortgage from a bank or stealing, get a duplicate title (supposedly return the lost) and sell it on is not actually owned by his car. Of course, it is an offense, but the injured party in this case will be the successful bidder. After all, the real owner of the car - the bank - may at any time apply to the court and demand their property back. Then the buyer will simply lose their money. So if you give a duplicate, you can ask to see a photocopy of the old TCP (usually normal owners keep it) or check out the car-based vehicles, or are secured in the hijacking. Especially should guard TCP marked "return of the lost."

Thus, despite the simplification of procedures, issue purchase a used car can be only when all questions are removed, and the documents on the machine is not in doubt.