How to make money on the car?

Today the car is practically no longer a luxury and really become a vehicle (not talking about the oligarchs, whose cars - an indicator of status). For travel by private car is much more convenient and comfortable: a man not tied to public transport, eliminating the need to tolerate crowding during rush hour and hope that does not pull out of the bag a purse, freezing in the cold of winter or soak in the rain at the bus stops, waiting for a bus or minibus . And about the benefits of a personal vehicle for parents with small children and can not speak. But to buy cars needed funds. How to make money on the car?


To save or not to save?
If you are planning a major purchase, it is always a question of finance is very serious. After all, in our country are not so many people who are buying an expensive item, they can easily get out of his pocket, for example, two hundred thousand rubles and pay for the purchase. Hence, it is necessary to save the desired thing or take a loan, which is provided in many stores. Th
is also applies to the car because of all the possible acquisition of real estate and transport are the most expensive. But a loan involves the payment of interest, but it is not all happy. So what to do: save up for a car or buy it on credit? Let's count: if you have the salary of 20 000 rubles, and the car is worth, say, 300, 000, putting, for example, to 10 000 per month, you can buy a car in two and a half years. And if you take a car loan, you can become car owners in a week, but the car will cost a third more expensive (including interest). And he and the other option you do not like? Then try to make money on the car with one of the following methods.

Lower the bar
To begin remember what machine you only have a means of transportation , therefore, in the first place driving performance , low maintenance and reasonable price parts. After all, except that you need to buy a car , then it must also refuel , maintain and repair . So it costs when buying - just the beginning. Therefore , it is better to choose an affordable option , or even a used car . Then, to make money at it will be faster and easier than in the executive class cars .

Time for a change
Change for a better paying job and have accumulated the required amount is not two ( three, four ) years and a few months . It can be work in shifts or work on your own specialty , but in more serious company , where you have long wanted to get . So buy a car and make a career .

Scratch susekam
To find the money to buy a car, sell something unnecessary. Or as they say financiers: get rid of non-core assets. Each person has a lot of things that they do not use. And these things are a dead weight in the closet, garage or on the balcony. Sell ​​them. Of course, just to collect the required amount, you are unlikely to be able to (though it depends on the number of unnecessary things), but it will make start-up capital and will need to not 300,000, but much less. At the same time you know the value of your garbage and littered with loose corners. By the way, what do you think it unnecessary, it may simply be necessary to other people, and you can sell it all over the Internet.

Added value
Find extra income. You can find a part time profession, or something else entirely. Moonlights as possible in their free time or even during operation, if conditions allow. As a part-time job can be considered any activity: a porter work, tutor, freelancer and so on, as long as it really brings a decent income, or the game is not worth the candle. You can earn some money by using existing knowledge and skills, so do not need to spend time on mastering a new business. You know a foreign language - try yourself in the role of an interpreter or guide. Know how to speak coherently and competently write - Get copywriting, and if you are a computer genius - start making websites to order. You do not know how, and from interests in the first place computer games? Test your gaming news!

Exchange rate
You can try to play on the foreign exchange market and make money on the car , speculating . True, have to learn the basics of treyderstva or use tools such as binary options . By the way, you can start with a symbolic amount of $ 100 . But stepping on the slippery slope of currency speculation , one must be prepared for the fact that it is easy to lose your money . And again, this method is not suitable too venturesome people suffering from gambling addiction .

In two
If you have a certain amount , but it is not enough to buy, you can take the missing funds in the bank by issuing a consumer credit or a credit card . It will be cheaper than a car loan in the showroom , and you do not impose additional conditions ( Hull , extra equipment , etc.) . In addition , having the entire amount , you can buy a car with mileage on a private ad.

Based on the foregoing , it turns out that having decided to buy a car , you somehow change your life for the better. Positive changes - it's good , and if the reason for this is the need to earn money for a car , then you will get two positive changes in their lives almost simultaneously.