How to sell a handle on the interview?

All of us regularly communicated to buy anything, and only a few - to sell. At the same time, among the sellers, as in any other field of activity, there are more and less qualified. This pro is able to sell anything to anyone - even the notorious elephant from a joke. And, of course, any businessman wants him to work such people. But to find and recognize them - not an easy task. To solve recruitment agencies have come up with a lot of tricks and techniques that are used on interviews with job applicants. In particular, in order to test the aptitude sales specialist, offered him to do a little, but a specific task: to sell something right here and right now, without getting up from the table of negotiations. The object of the transaction in this case is any object caught under the arm pad, cup, or a ballpoint pen.

Among salespeople and "headhunters" expression "to sell the pen" has received approximately the same meaning as "to sell an elephant" marketers. That is acquired ironic tone description is usele
ss, but tricky way to prove the high level of their professional skills. Almost everyone who is related to employment in the field of active sales, looking for a job or hiring employees in this field are well aware of this method, but continue to use it and give it up not going. Not least because it is a simple and fast way to simulate the "field" conditions and the behavior of market relations.

Why sell handle the interview
Game entourage and the apparent ease of the process of selling ballpoint pen employer must not confuse you . In fact, only 20% of candidates successfully pass the test , that is only 2 people out of 10. That's because the majority of sales managers, even talented and have great potential , once addicted to the practical part of the problem , while the personnel officers put in cornerstone subtext. Knowing about it , you can easily overcome this obstacle on the way to the coveted post.

The essence of the job really is not so much in the marketing of a particular subject, but in understanding the mechanisms of sales and the levers that affect the buyer, prompting it to take a decision to purchase. Having an idea about them, you will be able to sell any products, wholesale and retail, almost regardless of the season, and marketing activities. Because you can see the basic principle of a successful sale: do not sell goods, and its properties. The buyer is not looking for the subject, and their benefits. Once you learn how to implement this principle in your work, you can sell a handle not only his employer, but the factory owner stationery.

At first glance, the concept is simple and logical. In one way or another formulation it is obvious to all, without exception, vendors and sales representatives. Many of them have more than a dozen training and experience are behind many lucrative deals. Yet the unfortunate handle the interview continues to hang over the soul like a sword of Damocles. Get rid of the panic before it can be only one way to stop trying to find and extol the benefits of ordinary non-existent object, but instead found in the person sitting in front of you a person of the buyer, who desperately need it this pen.

How to force the employer to buy a pen
On the one hand, the handle is difficult to sell . Pens in the world and a lot of them own everything. Furthermore, your opponent knows about your intentions and seeks to refute them . But on the other hand, there is nothing easier if you know and use the following approach to the sales process :
  1. Meet with clients in a broad sense of the word.Understand that the person he is and what his interests are. Interests - is the key to the needs for which you rely, as touches the dotted line in the sales process. Do not rush to attack his suggestion - start with the questions. What does your counterpart most of the time of your life, what are his responsibilities as he is resting, where he spent his spare time, and with whom. Draw a picture in his mind of this man. This is necessary, not to be trapped by offering person who can not write or who are allergic to the ink ballpoint pen as a basic necessity. This example is, of course, exaggerated, but it illustrates malignancy of haste in sales.
  2. Ask clarifying questions.After the first contact with the client is adjusted and compiled a general idea of ​​his lifestyle, you can narrow the range of its interests and move to more specific questions. For example, to find out how often he has to write by hand instead of using a computer keyboard. What it is more convenient to use a pen: ballpoint, gel, ink, automatic, with a cap, black, blue, green, etc. Find out what other parameters into account when choosing a client handle: the name of the manufacturer, the expensive materials, additional functions. And all this time, do not try to show him the pen, which is the subject of direct sales.
  3. Stay a little Socrates.Use this ingenious method of psychological traps . He is to set straight a few closed questions , suggesting a positive response. Formulate them as possible to the source relaxed and answered "yes" by inertia . Then, most likely , he replied automatically , and also your key question about buying pens .
  4. Exaggerate the situation around.Convince interlocutor, that at the moment his life is fraught with many difficulties. The colors describe his circumstances in which the pen is almost a guarantee of his fate ( an important exam , a job interview at the consulate , etc.) and is faulty . Outline the tragic consequences of such a failure , and then , not giving time to recover, to offer in exchange for the truly secure, the tested repeatedly tested the handle.
  5. Aim as accurately as possible.Having found out all the details preferences and tastes of the buyer, ask them to buy you a handle which fits them to the smallest nuances. As the saying goes , " a favorite color , favorite size ." And all of a client told you himself , so that he will not get out and do not give up its words. In front of him - the handle of his dreams , a hair's breadth so that will make his life easier and more enjoyable .
  6. Speed ​​up the process.That is perhaps the only time when sales need to rush . Make your offer time-limited and / or volumes. Let this incredible need a pen is now on sale for half the usual price. Or are only two pieces left, and the next batch will not be soon , and the new , higher price. The customer should be afraid of losing a good time . You bluff to the last, the more that everything that happens is a game .
How not to sell a pen at the interview
Interview employment - is stressful , even for the experienced and morally sustainable applicant. Therefore, there is a possibility that at the crucial moment you slightly confused, and all the ready-made phrases will fly out of my head . In this case you need to learn at least the basic rules to follow which will save you from a fatal error :
  1. Do not try to enthusiastically extol to the skies and extol the virtues of your pen before the client will listen.
  2. Good prodazhnik not only speaks fluently , but also listens carefully . Do not hesitate to ask leading questions , which will lead the conversation in your direction. Know how to shut up time , to give the other party the opportunity to share their desires .
  3. Allow yourself to be charming , and the customer - to succumb to your charms . Do not hold too formal - on the contrary , moderate artistry, relaxed smile and a joke is very relevant beneficial effects on the atmosphere of dialogue between the parties . A relaxed customer is always better to customer irritation. This will help you out even when you can not communicate very well the subject. Improvise kidding , maybe even a little bluff - anything to create a pleasant, condusive to your mood .
  4. But the jokes are good in moderation. Trade Representative , which behaves like a clown , is a desire not to buy a product , and to get rid of his company. Therefore, the wire pen sale with taste and dignity , know the measure and be immaculate .
Thus, the main snag handles sales in the interview - is an attempt employer confuse you and identify your abilities in an irregular situation. Your task - to maintain his composure and fully develop their skills, which is to understand the basic concept: the customer does not need to sell the goods, and to fully meet their needs related to this product. If you manage to do it convincingly, that the other person probably willing to buy you a pen, stapler, markers, and will work as a valuable and experienced sales staff.